KitPvP [FFA, 1vs1] 3.6.27

Minecraft KitPvP - FFA and 1vs1 with funny kits.

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Languages Supported:

    Please don't write bad reviews, just tell me what's the matter and we'll try to fix it together.

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    • Bungeecord and multiworld support​
    • Configurateable messages​
    • Stats system​
    • Points system​
    • Mysql support
    • A lot of cool kits (and an powerfull API to create your own kits)
    • You can play two different game modes: free for all or 1vs1
    • You can challange a specific player or enter the queue to play against this player in a 1vs1 match

    - /kitpvp [/kp] - Main command.
    - /kitpvp help - A list from all commands.
    - /kitpvp join - join a game.
    - /kitpvp leave - leave a game.
    - /kitpvp stats - Tells you your statistics.
    - /kitpvp setlobby - To set the lobby.
    - /kitpvp setholo - To set the hologram.
    - /kitpvp setup - To open the setup gui.
    - /kitpvp setentity (type) - Set an gamemode entity. Valid types are ONEVSONE/1vs1 and FFA/FreeForAll.
    - /kitpvp removeentity (type) - Remove an gamemode entity.
    - /kitpvp ffa createmap (name) (builder) - Create a ffa map.
    - /kitpvp ffa setspawn (name) - Set the map spawn.
    - /kitpvp ffa deleteMap (name) - Delete a ffa map.
    - /kitpvp 1vs1 createarena - Create a 1vs1 arena.
    - /kitpvp 1vs1 setspawn (spawnId) - Set the spawn for a 1vs1 arena.
    - /kitpvp 1vs1 savearena (arenaId) - Save the 1vs1 arena.
    - /kitpvp 1vs1 removearena (arenaId) - Remove an arena.

    - /challenge (name) [/c]- Challange a player in the lobby.

    • kitpvp.admin - to set up the plugin.
    • kitpvp.unlockall - to unlock all kits instantly.
    • - to join full games.
    • kitpvp.<kitname>- to unlock only specific kits by the name of an kit.
    • kitpvp.<kitid>- to unlock only specific kits by the id of an kit.

    • Set the lobby with /kitpvp setlobby
      • Set the gamemode entities with /kitpvp setentity (type) [Valid types are ONEVSONE/1vs1 and FFA/FreeForAll]​
      • Set the statistics hologram with /kitpvp setholo
    • Create a 1vs1 arena​
      • Create an arena with /kitpvp 1vs1 createarena
      • Set the spawns with /kitpvp 1vs1 setspawn (spawnId) [Valid spawnids are 1 and 2.]
      • Save the arena with /kitpvp 1vs1 savearena (arenaId) [You see the id of the arena after executing the command /kp 1vs1 createarena]
    • Create a ffa arena​
      • Create the map with /kitpvp ffa createmap (name) (builder)
      • Set the spawnpoint with /kitpvp ffa setspawn (name)
    • Restart the server

    Integrated plugins:

    To buy kits you need to install HeliosPoints or Vault.

    Placeholders that can used in the scoreboard and hologram:

    %kit% to see the current kit.
    %kills% to see your kills.
    %deaths% to see your deaths.
    %kdr% to see your kill-death-rate (kills/deaths).
    %wins% to see your wins in the 1vs1 arena.
    %points% to see how many points you have (Only available when you use a points plugin).

    How to create a join sign:

    JavaDocs of the API:
    You need this API to create your own kits.


    v. 3.6.5

    How to create your own kits [GERMAN]

    Other Videos:
    v3.6.18 | English

    v. 3.6.6

    v. 3.5.6

    v. 3.3.2

    v. 3.4.8


    Twitter: @Teeage_
    Cheap servers:

    Code (spiget-meta (Unknown Language)):

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed mysql error
  2. Version 3.6.26
  3. Version 3.6.25

Recent Reviews

  1. ElBCD
    Version: 3.6.27
    This plugin is really good, I used it on a 1.8 server and it did not give me errors, my only problem is not being able to add kits easily and having to do it outside the server.
  2. LPDaVinci
    Version: 3.6.27
    Tolles Plugin. Wäre halt geil wenn es iwann uhc kits von haus aus gibt und arena reset wenn man sachen placed.
  3. RaydenKing
    Version: 3.6.25
    Users can use the command / kp kit (name) (kit) without needing to be op and I can't remove that.
    please fix this.
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      I am sorry, but there is no command like this in my plugin.
  4. IceVision
    Version: 3.6.23
    mach das mal so das man die kits einstellen kann bzw. eigene kits erstellen kann
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      Eigene Kits können über die API erstellt werden.
  5. qbasty
    Version: 3.6.23
    make a way to join 1vs1 and ffa with command and or to specific arena or random. Also make a way to disable leave item and make a way to have more than 1 spawn for ffa.
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      If I remove the leave item, how do you want to go back to the lobby?
      Write me an PN when you have an answer.

      And why do you need a command to join a game, you have the armor stands.
  6. n3on
    Version: 3.6.23
    Excellent Plugin!
    But i have two cases
    - i cannot connect kitpvp with papi and leaderheads - is it some way to show scoreboards ?
  7. LucaPross
    Version: 3.6.23
    it says kitpvp [ argument ] so its weird fix it pls its a 5 star tho its realy good nothing to say about "_)
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      Please type /pl and check if KitPvP is red.
      Please check also the console log if there is any error.
  8. nabersaas
    Version: 3.6.23
    HEY its a realy good plugin but only ops can click the sing others cant did it only happend to me? i need help
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      You maybe hasn't disabled the spawn-protection in the file. Please set that to false, because I think the problem is not caused from this plugin.
  9. Kokumaji
    Version: 3.6.23
    Awesome plugin with a simple, yet strong API. There's just one small thing this plugin is missing; It would be helpful to have per-kit permissions (both API and native), to make it easier to unlock kits without using in game currency.
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      I will add it in the next update. :)
  10. RolloCurry
    Version: 3.6.21
    Sorry but there are many bugs to fix. So i would help you with writing this message.

    1. You cant edit the messages because it automaticlly set to default.
    2. You cant edit the lenguage in the ACCEPT DENY GUI.
    3. In the newer Versions the DENY button is green.
    4. When you edit the color of a name of a kit you cant use it or use it for the next fight.
    5. You Cant edit the hearts message after the fight.
    6. The leave item is broken with bungeecord and it wouldnt work.
    7. the config.yml is also very buggy and you cant edit the scoreboard in it.
    8. The TNT kit make no demage to players.

    9. The plugin is wonderfull and very cool, but this are many bugs to fix. I hope we get in new version in a few days. Have a nice day, bye. :D
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      I hope I could fix all the reported bugs. If not, please send me a private message.