KitPvP [FFA, 1vs1] 3.6.21

Minecraft KitPvP - FFA and 1vs1 with funny kits.

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Languages Supported:

    Please don't write bad reviews, just tell me what's the matter and we'll try to fix it together.

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    • Bungeecord and multiworld support​
    • Configurateable messages​
    • Stats system​
    • Points system​
    • Mysql support
    • A lot of kits
    • FFA and 1vs1 gamemode

    - /kitpvp [/kp] - Main command.
    - /kitpvp help - A list from all commands.
    - /kitpvp join - join a game.
    - /kitpvp leave - leave a game.
    - /kitpvp stats - Tells you your statistics.
    - /kitpvp setlobby - To set the lobby.
    - /kitpvp setholo - To set the hologram.
    - /kitpvp setup - To open the setup gui.
    - /kitpvp setentity (type) - Set an gamemode entity. Valid types are ONEVSONE and FFA.
    - /kitpvp removeentity - Remove an gamemode entity.
    - /kitpvp ffa createmap (name) (builder) - Create a ffa map.
    - /kitpvp ffa setspawn (name) - Set the map spawn.
    - /kitpvp ffa deleteMap (name) - Delete a ffa map.
    - /kitpvp 1vs1 createarena - Create a 1vs1 arena.
    - /kitpvp 1vs1 setspawn (spawnId) - Set the spawn for a 1vs1 arena.
    - /kitpvp 1vs1 savearena (arenaId) - Save the 1vs1 arena.
    - /kitpvp 1vs1 removearena (id) - Remove an arena.
    - /challenge <Name> [/c]- Challange a player in the lobby.


    kitpvp.admin - to set up the plugin.
    kitpvp.unlockall - to unlock all kits instantly. - to join full games.​

    Create game:
    • Set the lobby with /kitpvp setlobby
      • Set the gamemode entities with /kitpvp setentity (type) [Valid types are ONEVSONE and FFA]​
      • Set the hologram with /kitpvp setholo
    • Create a 1vs1 arena​
      • Create an arena with /kitpvp 1vs1 createarena
      • Set the spawns with /kitpvp 1vs1 setspawn (spawnId)
      • Save the arena with /kitpvp 1vs1 savearena (arenaId)
    • Create a ffa arena​
      • Create the map with /kitpvp ffa createmap (name) (builder)
      • Set the spawnpoint with /kitpvp ffa setspawn (name)
    • Reload the server

    Integrated plugins:





    v. 3.6.5

    Create your own kit [GERMAN]

    Other Videos:
    v3.6.18 | English

    v. 3.6.6

    v. 3.5.6

    v. 3.3.2

    v. 3.4.8


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Recent Updates

  1. Version 3.6.21
  2. Version 3.6.20
  3. Version 3.6.19

Recent Reviews

  1. Renesys
    Version: 3.6.21
  2. KV19
    Version: 3.6.20
    The plugin is excellent! But one problem I had is with Free for all's. Whenever I right click on the entity nothing shows up and I don't get teleported.
  3. AmSpoonage
    Version: 3.6.19
    it's a good plugin but I'm having trouble setting the entity it just comes up with /kitpvp help
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      I hope I could fix the bug in the latest version. :)
  4. Rafzel
    Version: 3.6.19
    this plugin is good in 1vs1 but in FFA i'm not satisfied of it because. need to add few commands like before starts in game players must meet the number of requirements. not just join then fight early even you don't have enemys. for what i'm trying to say add some new features on this plugin like hunger games/survival games. once you click the sign you should wait the other players on the PODS when player reach the requirements you can either vote to start the game or wait for automatic start game. add some countdown timer. i know you guys can do it. i will rate this 25 star using my other 4 accounts and change this to 5 star. if you updated it or make 1. Many players on my Server want Survival Games/Hunger Games
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      I will add it to my list. :)
  5. Killer123451
    Version: 3.6.19
    best plugin i ever tested in 1vs1 ... its great kits lobby multiworld support ! if you have allot of games in same server dont be afried of using this plugin its work great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +100000000000000000000 stars but pls update and add new things ( mobs ) not burning in sun light ... and ( i can pvp the mobs i spawn ) there is a kit for that ..
  6. Shiftqd
    Version: 3.6.19
    I am developing a KitPvP server for 1.8 at this time and would love to use this plugin, but I have one issue. When I create a FFA arena, set the spawn
    and create the entitys, I attempt to join but when I right click the FFA armor stand it says there are no arenas
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      After setting up an arena you need to restart/reload your server.
  7. crejk
    Version: 3.6.19
    It's the best free KitPvP plugin!
    Love it
    But I hope that the problem of TNT and Fireballs won't cause damage to blocks will be fixed, or it's just my own personal problem?
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      When I test the plugin I haven't this problem, but I will check it.
  8. JstGht
    Version: 3.6.15
    A very good plugin!

    Currently I have found no bug and hope that it stays that way. :)

    Thank you!

    But I hope new kits are coming soon...
  9. bmwdev
    Version: 3.6.12
    good plugin nice job i hope you upload more plugin like this. i use it in my server good //////////////////////////////////////
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      Thank you. :)
  10. Rafoudiablol
    Version: 3.6.12
    Good plugin, but spelling mistakes, but very usefull things! Although some balance change are needed :)
    1. TEEAGE
      Author's Response
      You can correct the spelling mistakes in the messages.yml. If you are a native english speaker, you can send me a corrected messages.yml. :)