KitsPlus 1.0 R1

A better kits plugin

  1. Gamers_Unite
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    NOTE: Link has been removed for now. The plugin has been updated to and is compatible with 1.12.2, but I'm not sure about publicly posting the new version yet

    KitsPlus is a simple kitpvp plugin but with a much more elegant kit selection interface and much simpler configuration (There is no need to ever touch the config!)*

    Command Overview:
    /kitsp - Main command

    /kitsp add <name>
    Creates a kit named <name>
    The kit will have the contents set to the current inventory, the potion effects to the current active potion effects, and the icon in the selection menu to be what you are currently holding in your main hand

    /kitsp remove <name>
    Removes kit <name>
    Simple as that

    /kitsp edit <name> <icon:inventory:effects:all>
    Allows you to edit individual parts of a kit
    Icon: Changes kit icon in the kit selection menu to the item currently in your main hand
    Inventory: Changes kit contents to your current inventory
    Effects: Changes kit potion effects to your current active potion effects
    All: Does all of them at once!

    /kitsp list
    Lists all kits currently on the server

    /kitsp gui
    - Opens up the kit selection interface
    - Updates automatically when you add/remove/edit a kit (you will have to reopen the interface though)

    /kitsp needspermissions
    - Toggles whether players need permissions to use the kits (If you want all kits to be accessible to everyone)
    - Default is on

    /kitsp add, /kitsp remove, and /kitsp edit need permissions, the rest do not

    Each kit also has its individual 'use' permission

    KitsPlus Signs:
    Placing down a sign with the text "kitsp sign" on the first line creates a KitsPlus sign (The text will change). When right clicked, the sign will open up the kit selection menu

    Placing down a KitsPlus sign needs permissions, but opening it doesn't

    /kitsp add | kitsp.add
    /kitsp remove | kitsp.remove
    /kitsp edit | kitsp.edit
    /kitsp needspermissions | kitsp.modifyneedspermissions

    Using KitsPlus classes: kitsp.use. + the name of the kit
    Placing KitsPlus signs: kitsp.placekitspsign

    Download Link:

    *Touching the config is a bad idea, the plugin stores stuff there automatically, and everything is configured with commands already

    **Commands are not usable by console since all kit editing is done using the player itself