KitTimer add-on for Lib's Hungergames 1.0.1

Remove players owned kits after a certain number of days

  1. Pyr0x3n
    What does this plugin?

    - It records when a kit is in-game purchased by a player, either with the /buykit command or trough the gui.

    - It removes all player’s kits older than a specified date and stored in Libshungergames kits’ database.

    What it is used for?

    - It is very useful if you have a shop (like buycraft or other) and sell kits packages for lets say 30 days. With this plugin, kits are removed from players after 30 days (or more… or less… see config.yml).

    How does this plugin work?

    - It creates an extra field in Libshungergames kits’ database to store kits purchase date The database is also automatically updated when a kit is purchased by a player inside the game.

    - On start up it remove all owned kits from the database before today minus 30 days. (can be configured in config.yml) so it require game not greater than 24 hour. (usually a typical hungergame is less than 30 minutes).

    Does this plugin require Libshungergames installed? Is there a soft dependency?

    -There is no soft dependency; neither the code in Libshungergames is altered or referred.

    -It is an add-on, so it is made for Libshungergames, but you could use it with other Hungergames plugin using a database for kit storage.

    -The config.yml can be setup for other plugins compatibility.

    Does it require a database?

    - Yes I require mysSQL installed and configured for Libshungergames.

    Where can I see this plugin in action:

    Code (Text):
    # mysql setup

    # this is the database where you store kits from Lib's Hungergames
    mysql_database: yourLibsHungergamesDBHere
    mysql_port: 3306
    mysql_password: yourDBPasswordHere
    mysql_username: yourDBUserName
    # this is the tables where you store kits from Lib's Hungergames, it should be HGKits by default, but check it!
    mysql_table: HGKits

    # remove all older kits bought X days before today
    numberOfDays: 30

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  1. update to 1.0.1

Recent Reviews

  1. EODSteven
    Version: 1.0.1
    Works Perfectly! I give away everything and players earn kits by winning so this is excellent way to make them expire!