Kix's Auto Announcer - Announcements that stand out. [1.12-1.18.x] 7.2-RELEASE

Create beautiful automatic chat announcements easily all in-game! PlaceholderAPI & Multiline Support

  1. kixmc
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17

    Note: this resource page mostly hasn't been changed since it's initial release in 2017 - it was one of my first plugins and I've decided to keep it as is for the momentos <3


    Who said Announcements had to be

    Welcome to Kix's Chat Announcer's plugin page!
    With this plugin, you can create beautiful automatic
    announcements in chat, hassle-free.

    Use simple commands all in-game to add broadcasts that will be randomly picked and announced in chat with the set interval of time.

    The latest plugin build (7.2-RELEASE) is supported and confirmed working on Minecraft 1.12 - 1.17. The plugin as of 7.2 is no longer maintained in order to focus fully on the newer premium edition of the plugin.






    Other main features:
    ➤ Multi-line announcement support.
    ➤ Change announcement Interval In-game
    ➤ Add a prefix in-game
    ➤ Add a header in-game
    ➤ Add a footer in-game
    ➤ Add announcements in-game
    ➤ Delete announcements in-game
    ➤ See overall info
    ➤ Toggle announcement's on and off in-game
    ➤ See a list of raw or converted broadcasts in-game
    ➤ Select from preset headers and footers
    ➤ PlaceholderAPI Support
    ➤ Hex color support. With Announcer++

    ➤ Per world broadcasts. With Announcer++
    ➤ Per permission broadcasts. With Announcer++
    ➤ Sound broadcasts With Announcer++
    ➤ Entire in-game control, optimized delete command, edit command, etc. With Announcer++
    Option to automatically center broadcasts in chat. With Announcer++
    Ability for users to toggle seeing announcements. With Announcer++
    Preview announcements. With Announcer++
    ➤ And more! Suggest things you want to see


    KCA is completely command based
    in-game, and requires no knowledge with configs. Allowing the user to
    change settings and set the plugin up quickly,
    /an help

    Shows all the commands that can be found
    Commands can be accessed with */an*,
    */announcer*, or */kixschatannouncer*

    /an info

    Gives an overall report of the
    plugin. Which includes loaded broadcasts, broadcast Interval, plugin version, and broadcast status.

    /an addbroadcast <broadcast>

    Colorcode Supported
    Adds a broadcast that will be randomly
    picked from the list.

    Usage: */ab addbroadcast <broadcast>*
    Example: */ab addbroadcast &cGreetings in
    red, %player%!*

    /an setinterval <int>

    Sets how often broadcasts are announced in

    Usage: /ab setinterval <number> m <number> s
    m = minutes
    s = seconds
    Example: /an setinterval 1 m 30
    Will set broadcasts to appear every 1
    minute 30 seconds in chat.

    /ab setprefix <prefix>

    Colorcode Supported
    Changes the prefix displayed before every
    Can be set to none to

    Usage: /an setprefix <prefix>
    Example: /an setprefix

    /an broadcastlist
    Shows all the loaded

    /an togglebroadcasts

    Enables or Disables

    When disabled, no broadcasts will be
    announced until toggled back on.

    /an delete <broadcast numbert> OR 'ALL'

    Permanently deletes a

    Example: */an delete

    or, to delete all broadcasts:
    */an delete ALL*

    Tip: View broadcasts with /an

    /an placeholders

    Shows you the available placeholders.
    Placeholders let you have dynamic text that shows personalized stats like how many creepers the receiving players have killed or more. Kix's Auto Announcer comes with a batch of built in placeholders, but for a ton more you can install the plugin PlaceholderAPI by clip.

    /an presets
    Shows the list of beautiful presets you can
    use on your announcements. Want to make your own? No problem! See

    /an setheader/footer <header text/footer text>
    Colorcode Optional

    Sets the header of
    Can be set to none to

    Example: /an setheader

    and: /an setfooter

    (&m is the colorcode for strikethrough.)

    Will make your announcements look like
    announcement will be here!

    /an colorcodes
    Shows a list of available colorcodes you
    can use in announcements,
    headers, and footers.

    /an help
    /an info
    /an broadcastlist
    /an togglebroadcasts
    /an placeholders
    /an colorcodes
    /an presets
    /an setheader
    /an setfooter
    /an setprefix
    /an setinterval
    /an delete

    Announcer++ Exclusive Commands:
    /an setworlds
    /an setpermission
    /an edit
    /an fbc
    /an cbc
    /an setsound
    /an toggle
    /an preview
    /an toggleorder
    /an togglealignment
    /an tha/tfa


    announcer.admin - Ability to control and
    modify the plugin

    Placeholders can be added in any
    broadcast, upon broadcasting the receiving player(s) will have
    per-player information shown to them.

    Versions 7.0 and above:
    Use the %nl% placeholder to add a new line to your announcement.

    You can use PlaceholderAPI
    (created by extended_clip) to instantly add access to 100s of
    placeholders in your announcements.


    Factory Placeholders (Built in):

    Versions 7.0 and above:
    Use the %nl% placeholder to add a new line to your announcement.

    Symbol Placeholders

      • %->% ⇨
      • %<3% ❤
      • %star% ★
      • %x% ✖
    Player Placeholders

      • %player% Shows the receivers username
      • %world% Shows the world that the receiver is in
      • %deaths% Shows how many times the receiver has died (int)
      • %health% Shows the receivers health /20 ❤
      • %hunger% Shows the receivers hunger /20
      • %exp% Shows the receivers exp in full levels
      • %locX% Shows the receivers X axis
      • %locY% Shows the receivers Y axis
      • %locZ% Shows the receivers Z axis
      • %exp% Shows the receivers xp level.
      • %slayed-MOB_NAME% Shows how many times the receiver has
        killed a mob.
    Supported Mobs
    Example: "%slayed-CREEPER%" will display the amount of
    times the receiver has killed a creeper (int)

        • BAT
        • BLAZE
        • CHICKEN
        • COW
        • DONKEY
        • ENDERMAN
        • ENDERMITE
        • EVOKER
        • GHAST
        • GUARDIAN
        • HORSE
        • HUSK
        • LLAMA
        • MAGMA_CUBE
        • MULE
        • MUSHROOM_COW
        • OCELOT
        • PARROT
        • PIG
        • PIG_ZOMBIE
        • POLAR_BEAR
        • RABBIT
        • SHEEP
        • SILVERFISH
        • SKELETON
        • SLIME
        • SPIDER
        • SQUID
        • STRAY
        • VILLAGER
        • WITCH
        • WOLF
        • ZOMBIE
        • ZOMBIE_HORSE
        • CAVE_SPIDER

    • Face
      • ت
      • Ü
      • ϡ

      • ۵

      • ¿
      • ¡
      • ؟
      • ˉ
      • ˇ
      • ¨
      • `
      • ~
      • ·
      • --
      • -


      • °
      • ø











      • ©
      • ®

      • °
      • ϟ
    Pointers & Arrows




      • «
      • »











    Upcoming features:
    - Placeholder API Support.
    - 1.13.1 Support
    - 1.13.2 Support
    - 1.14 Support (7.0+)
    - Multi-line announcement support (7.0+)
    - Per world broadcasts With Announcer++
    Random and linear broadcasing order modes With Announcer++
    - On-demand broadcast command With Announcer++

    - Reload command With Announcer++
    - Preview command With Announcer++
    - Optimized delete command With Announcer++
    - Expanded version support from Minecraft 1.8 and above With Announcer++
    - Permission-based announcements. (to allow specific players such as staff to see certain broadcasts.) With Announcer++
    - Ability for users to toggle seeing announcements With Announcer++

    None at the moment. Let me know in my support Discord if you come accross any!

    By using this product, you fully agree to these terms.
    If the above clickable text does not work, below is the link to directly access the terms:

    Review section is NOT for support and is only for feedback! Please use provided Discord link HERE for support.

Recent Reviews

  1. bunny119
    Version: 7.2-RELEASE
    Great Plugin! Unlike MessageAnnouncer this actually WORKS! Glad it worked out so well for me! Deserves 5 stars :)
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words!
  2. BadSuzy1
    Version: 7.2-RELEASE
    I searched high and wide for an announcer that I worked as intended. I only have the free version of this one, but that being said it does work on 1.16.3. Very customizable, even not having checked out the premium. I love the fact that this has been made available, even if its only in its basic functions, as a free resource. As soon as I'm able, I intend to add this to my premium resources. Thank you very much for this plugin. 10/10 If you are looking for an announcer that is easy to configure and can look pretty, THIS is the one for you!
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words!! Glad you like it
  3. BlackWolfe1735
    Version: 7.2-RELEASE
    I love the plugin so far! My only issue is that certain placeholders arent working. The &player% and %deaths% are working but the %slayed-MOB-NAME% isnt working at all. any suggestions? will update on review on response!
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      Mobs after 1.12 are not supported for the built in mob placeholders due to how the API works. You might have better luck using PlaceholderAPI to gather those statistics for newer mobs! Thanks for the kind review btw! :D
  4. Konsider
    Version: 7.1-RELEASE
    Really great plugin! :D Please keep it updated in future! Also, maybe consider having individual messages synced to a 24 hour clock?
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind review! This edition is no longer being maintained in order to focus fully on the premium version here

      I can see about adding that to KAA++ in the future :D
  5. RaphaelSimon
    Version: 7.1-RELEASE
    One of the best if not the best one of the main broadcast plugins and for free! It has some advanced configs I really love. Please keep the good work, my server loves this plugin.
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
  6. LamoidZombieDog
    Version: 7.0-RELEASE
    it seems to have some special features, But its overly complicated, and has no option to edit it via config if you desire.
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      KixsAutoAnnouncer does have the ability to edit from the config. I'm not sure where you got that from. I feel a one star review is pretty uncalled for and harsh considering the 2 vague points you mentioned.

      The plugin only takes a few minutes to learn, and any confusion can be cleared up with the intensely detailed "Commands" section on this plugins page.
  7. Waffles552
    Version: 7.0-RELEASE
    Amazing Plugin. Everything is very simple and clean and I'd recommend it.
    The only annoying thing is that I can't get the premium version which has a feature I really need.
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it!
  8. therbz
    Version: 7.0-RELEASE
    Undoubtedly the best Automatic Chat Announcer out there. Support for this plugin is excellent and the plugin itself is rich in features.
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  9. CranberryJuice
    Version: 7.0-RELEASE
    Fantastic announcer! Simple yet complex. Beautiful yet spontaneous. I highly recommend! 1.13.2 Server and it's never looked better :D Dev is helpful and kind.
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  10. avilal
    Version: 7.0-RELEASE
    A decent tool. I'd prefer to have more unified and simpler commands such as /an list, /an add <msg>, /an delete # and an reload etc. /an list would show a broadcast index/listing # so one could reference one with /an delete 2 where is the 2nd one that displays. Additional ideas: /an disable 3 (disables the 3rd announcment) with a followup /an enable 3 or /an enable all. But /an delete <exact broadcast> is a questionable design. My two cents. Otherwise great working being the first to 1.14.
    1. kixmc
      Author's Response
      Hi, thank you for the comments! There is a heavy update in development that re-works the entire plugin with new commands, better delete command (as you described) and more. Stay tuned for updates! :D