kiy 1.3

kit, pvp, 1v1, duel

  1. notprankster_
    Native Minecraft Version:

    i made this myself
    i want to use it in my server
    i want to to

    (i c annto test it because i dont have a test server it is impossibel for me)

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  1. KIT 1.3
  2. it works now
  3. plunginy.yml edited

Recent Reviews

  1. notashelf
    Version: 1.2
    I don't see the point of giving bad reviews for someone's lack of experience. Although this resource is, rather... unusual and practically not usable; you can improve it and make it into something better with effort. I'd suggest running a local test server (basically a minecraft server with paper/spigot/bukkit or whatever core you wish but in your local machine) and test your plugins before publishing and even using.

    Best of luck developing plugins!

    (P.S: If you require help setting up the local server, shoot me a DM. I may not know Java much but I can help you with basic setups)
  2. rigthplate
    Version: 1.0
    I can already tell you that the command is not even registered in the Main class....
    1. notprankster_
      Author's Response
      hey sorry im new to spigot plugin development how do i do that i can't find any good tutorials

      do i add a public void methd for it