kJustShutUp 1.0

kJustShutUp is a lightweight chat management plugin that allows you to easily manage your chat.

  1. Cheezburger7
    Is your chat too unorganized? Are you tired of having an unclean chat? If so, kJustShutUp is the plugin for you! kJustShutUp is a lightweight and fully customizable chat-management plugin that allows you to easily mute players, silence your chat, or even clear your chat history!


    • /mute <playerName> - Mutes a specified player
    • /clearchat - Clears the chat history.
    • /reload - Reloads kJustShutUp's configuration.
    • /silence - Silences the chat so only people with kjustshutup.chat permission can talk.
    • kjustshutup.chat - Allows players to talk when the chat is silenced.
    • kjustshutup.mute - Allows players to mute other players.
    • kjustshutup.reload - Allows players to reload the config.
    • kjustshutup.clearchat - Allows players to clear the chat history.
    • kjustshutup.silence - Allows players to silence the chat
    Great for large servers!

    kJustShutUp takes up very little space and allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your chat without having to type hundreds of commands and arguments.
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