KnightUHC - (20 Scenarios, Custom Items, Auotmated UHC, GUI) 1.3

This plugin is made for any Spigot/Bukkit server that has at least 2GB of RAM.

  1. chombe
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Made by OptimusePrime, tested by 5aR
    Basic Info

    This plugin has all what has any other uhc plugin, but it has backpacks, that's not team inventory that's craftable item. It also has lootbags. And for all custom items there is texture pack:
    which automatically download when you join. It has 20 secnarios, custom scoreboard, custom chat, teams, random teleport, GUI, commands, /scenarios command, auto spawn area generate and holographic text info at spawn area. For all other info view config.yml file or contact me on discord: OptimusePrime#5915

    Leather Backpack

    Iron Backpack

    Golden Backpack

    Diamond Backpack


    /uhc create

    /uhc settings
    /uhc join <team>
    /uhc whitelist true|false
    /uhc start
    /uhc stop
    /uhc addloot <lootbag> <item> <amount> <chance>
    Only one permission exists and that is uhc.admin, all commands expect /uhc join are enabled with that permission. /uhc join command is enabled by default and it does not has permission yet.
    Other Info
    If you have any suggestion/bug report or anything bad good about this plugin, please tell me it on my discord: OptimusePrime#5915 or comment it in comment section below to I can fix it. Thanks! Sorry for bad english. If something doesn't work, first try to restart server and execute /uhc create command. If that doesn't help ask question in command section below or add me on discord: OptimusePrime#5915


    1. backpack1.png
    2. backpack2.png
    3. backpack3.png
    4. backpack4.png

Recent Reviews

  1. deyyan
    Version: 1.3
    Good plugin overall, even tho Karlo krade kod - that's not an issue. Just fix the jebenu grammar