Knockback | Knockout Minigame with Top Player Sign Wall - Custom loot Chests, Kits - Mapchange 1.0.7

A great Knockback plugin, wich has many features. Highly customizeable! MySQL support.

  1. UltimateKnockback - Updated Libraries

    + Updated Libraries to 1.12.1
  2. Ultimate Knockback Minigame | Improved Sound/Effect Manager

    + UltimateKnockback will remember you, if sounds or effects are invalid for your spigot version.

    It will send a message to the console. Then you should edit sounds.yml or effects.yml!
  3. Ultimate Knockback Minigame | Effects configuration

  4. Ultimate Knockback Minigame | Sound configuration

  5. Ultimate Knockback Minigame | Reload command

    + Added /knockback reload command

    Reload all files.
  6. Ultimate Knockback Minigame | Protection Region

    + Added commands to create no pvp areas
    + Updated config system

    /region pos1
    /region pos2
    region add name

    You have to delete the old language files. This need this to do only now. Not i future updates!