Fix the popular knockback bug and increment your server PvP experience!

  1. Huge Update OUT!

    KnockBackFixer v4.0 update:

    - Added possibility to enable/disable combo mode!
    - Added possibility to enable/disable combo mode when you eat an enchanted golden apple!
    - Before combo mode could be activated by also eat a normal golden apple, now works only with an enchanted golden apple.
    - Added StableKnockBack mode, with that KnockBackFixer automatically introduce in your server a little system that manage the knockback when the player knocked is in air!
    - Added possibility to enable/disable StableKnockBack mode!
    - Fixed all bugs reported on private messages!
    - Added debug mode where you can see the backstage of the plugin and test the two default events: EntityKnockbackEvent (Fired when an entity that isn't a player is knocked) and PlayerKnockbackEvent (Fired when a player is knocked)
    - Added possibility to enable/disable debug mode!
    - Fixed all bugs connected to the combo regions!
    - Now EntityKnockbackEvent and PlayerKnockbackEvent work!
    - Compatible with all PLUGINS like Factions, WorldGuard and other protection plugins!
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