KnockEZ [Alpha] 0.2.1

A simple knockback FFA plugin

  1. FunnyBurgerLP
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Fight with your friends! Whoever strikes first the others from the platform?

    Plugin-Version: 0.2.1 [Alpha]
    Java-Version: Java 8
    Spigot-Version: 1.16.x


    [! -> Not a "per world"-Plugin]

    A) Player-Mode
    1. You start with a stick & a fishing rod.
    2. Beat the other players from a platform.

    B) Admin-Mode
    - special menu
    - build mode

    Commands + Permissions:
    /knockez [kez.admin][Shows adminmenu]
    /spawn [kez.spawn][Teleports you to the spawn]
    /spectator [kez.spec]
    /build [][Buildmode]

    1. set the spawn
    2. teleport all players to you
    3. chatclear


    - Statssystem
    - ScoreboardStats
    - Teamchat
    - special YoutTube items

Recent Updates

  1. Update to 1.16.4

Recent Reviews

  1. AAWA45465656
    Version: 0.2.1
    Very nice plugin! When is an update coming? Could code it that you can make your own kits? Like in the config.yml