KnockKnock 2.0

You can now knock on doors!

  1. zDev
    KnockKnock is a simple plugin that allows users to knock on doors! When a player left clicks on any wooden door (all six types), a sound is played and a message is sent to the player. If there is an owner sign within a certain radius of the door, a message will be sent to and a sound will be played for the owner, letting them know that someone has knocked on their door. All of the sounds, messages, chat colors, volumes, and radii are configurable, and all of the features can be toggled in the configuration file.

    • knockknock.knock - allows players to knock on doors
    This is KnockKnock v2.0 because v1.x was back on the BukkitDev website, and now I am moving KnockKnock to Spigot. The original BukkitDev page can be found here.

Recent Reviews

  1. SoulWolfX
    Version: 2.0
    what I needed for my roleplay! thanks mate its a great plugin! your awesome keep up the great work!
  2. TheFancyWhale
    Version: 2.0
    Fun little plugin that does what is advertised. Nothing too special, but definitely a cool addon for a survival server. I didn't see any bugs.