KnockOff 2.0

KnockOff is a fun great minigame for a fun server!

  1. Bear53
    This minigame gives a player a rose with knockback 5 upon join, the objective is to knock all other players off the arena!
    /knockoff - Main command (/ko)
    /knockoff help - Displays help page
    /knockoff join - Joins a active game
    /knockoff leave - Leaves the game, teleports to lobby
    /knockoff setlobby - Sets the game lobby
    /knockoff setarena - Sets the game spawn
    /rank - Shows your rank
    /groupset <player> <group> - Sets a players group - groups - (Default, Owner, Admin, Donor)

    - To create the game Arena/Lobby Select the section with the WorldEdit wand, then stand on the point where you want the players to spawn and type /knockoff setlobby or /knockoff setarena, this will set the spawns as well as WorldGuard the lobby/arena with multiple regions!

    - New Player stats!

    - Donor particles for anyone with the group of Donor+!
    To use these Particles get the plugin UltimateParticles here

    - Join Item to check player rank, Player stats, and Donor Particles!!

    - Staff and donor join/leave messages

    - Void death messages

    - Join message to player

    - MOTD enable/disable

    - Chat Prefixs if player is in game/ in lobby

    When a player joins they are teleported to the game lobby!

    to create a join sign simply put on the first line "Join" it will automatically change to a join sign!

    Servers using this plugin:
    PM me to have your server added here!

    Depends on WorldEdit, WorldGuard, UltimateParticles


    Coming Soon:
    - More join items
    - Use WorldGuard and WorldEdit
    - ScoreBoard
    - Particles
    - And lots more!
    Any bugs that you find or new features you want added please leave in the discussion! Also remember that this is the first version of this plugin and there are still many updates to come!

Recent Reviews

  1. SulphurTNT
    Version: 2.0
    This plugin is poor. Although I like the game consept, whats with the ranks? They're completely stupid and they are overriding PEX and GROUPMANAGER.
  2. TheGamingMoons
    Version: 2.0
    Good coding! Helped a lot! Thnx m8 very good work! :) GG on this!
    Thnx for doing this for people. Thx
  3. fire__rain
    Version: 2.0
    please give an opinion use/dont use bungee,if false,it is just a minigame plugin,doesnt change other things
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      Yes that is what it will be
  4. didjee2
    Version: 1.4
    This is my plugin, you was developer on CentrixPvP, and the plugin is made for CentrixPvP. You was fired, and you downloaded all our custom plugins, and you uploaded them all .... Just like DonatorJoin etc.
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      Umm, I saw this as a idea but made my own version...
  5. fire__rain
    Version: 1.2
    good idea,and i can make it more funny,such as:random spawn some mobs(animal or others),and the player turn to mobs too,palyers can hit mobs and others,when the mobs be hit,they fly :),when players fall and died,he respawn
  6. VeratoxMC
    Version: 1.0
    Hey good plugin :), but pls add BungeeCord support with DynamicMotd :)
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      I'm still new to bungeecord, but I will probably add a motd next update aswell as some other cool things!