Knokko's Custom Items 10.7

A custom items plug-in with custom textures

  1. knokko
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:
    Note: this plug-in requires more installation work than most other plug-ins. You really need to check the installation section or one of the tutorials.


    This plug-in allows server owners to add custom items with custom textures to their server. A server resourcepack will be used to achieve the custom textures. It will use resourcepack tricks, so no existing minecraft items will be lost.

    This plug-in will provide the following features:
    • Simple custom items that have their own texture, but no big other features. simpleItems.png
    • Custom tools, including swords, pickaxes, bows, shields, and more tools.png
    • Custom armor (but most pieces require Optifine for full functionality) armor.png
    • Custom crafting recipes (can include both regular minecraft items and custom items from this plug-ins) crafting.png
    • Let mobs and blocks drop custom items (or regular items)
    • Wands and guns that can fire custom projectiles guns.png wands.png
    • Custom containers (some kind of custom crafting station/furnace) containers.png
    Basic tutorials
    Text: items/tutorials/basic tools.html

    Advanced tutorials
    Custom containers (video): items/tutorials/containers/index.html
    Wands and guns (text): items/tutorials/wands and guns/index.html

    Discord server

    If you can, use /kci debug
    If that doesn't work, check out items/troubleshooting.html

    Supported minecraft versions
    • Minecraft 1.12.2
    • Minecraft 1.13.2
    • Minecraft 1.14.4
    • Minecraft 1.15.2
    • Minecraft 1.16.4/5
    • Minecraft 1.17.0/1
    • Minecraft 1.18.2
    Minecraft 1.8 and earlier can't be supported, unless everyone has Optifine. Minecraft 1.9 to minecraft 1.11 could be supported, but it wouldn't work for players joining in minecraft 1.8. Besides, it would be quite some work and these versions are very legacy...

    • /customitems damage <amount> [player name] will decrease the remaining durability of the custom tool in the main hand of the target player (the player with name player name) by amount. If the remaining durability is smaller than (or equal to) amount, it will be destroyed. Only players with the customitems.damage permission can use this command.
    • /kci debug looks for installation errors, and sends them back as chat message.
    • /kci encode can be used to use complicated crafting ingredients in custom recipes.
    • /kci give <item name> [player name] [amount] will give a custom item to a player
    • /kci list sends the names of all custom items as a chat message
    • /kci reload will reload the config and items, but not the textures
    • /customitems repair <amount> [player name] will increase the remaining durability of the custom tool in the main hand of the target player (the player with name player name) by amount. This command will not repair the tool beyond the maximum durability (if current durability + amount is larger than the maximum durability, the durability will be set to the maximum durability). Only players with the permission can use this command.
    • /kci setblock <block> [x] [y] [z] [world] will place the given custom block at (x, y, z) in the given world. Only players with the customitems.setblock permission can use this command.
    • /customitems take [page] [target player] lets the target player take custom items from an in-game GUI. The page is needed when you have more than 54 custom items. By default, this command will use the command executor as target player and page 1. This command requires the permission customitems.take.
    By putting disableoutput between /kci and the rest of the command, you can disable command feedback/output, which can be useful when executing the command in an automated fashion.
    1. Download and run the Editor.
    2. Configure the items and textures you want.
    3. Click on one of the Export buttons. Open the Custom Item Sets folder on your computer (it should be in your Documents or Home folder, depending on operating system).
    4. Upload the .cis file inside that folder to YourServerFolder/plugins/CustomItems (you might have to create this folder first). If your server host doesn't allow you to upload files, you can use the .txt file in the same directory instead.
    5. Install Knokko Core for the right minecraft version (really, it won't work without this supporting plug-in). Installing this one is easy: just put it in your plugins folder.
    6. Optional: Install ActionBarAPI to display custom tool durability and wand/gun cooldowns. See items/compatibility/positive.html for details.
    7. Put this plug-in in your plugins folder.
    8. The .zip file in the Custom Item Sets folder is the resourcepack you will need. You can ask your players to install it, or make it your server resourcepack (but this can be an annoying task).
    If you need more detailed information about these steps, use one of the tutorials.

Recent Updates

  1. Fix more console spam
  2. Fix console spam
  3. Add 1.19 support

Recent Reviews

  1. InsidiousAngel
    Version: 10.7
    Excellent plugin, its really easy to make custom items using this, especially with the video guides. Support is excellent too, had a problem with a bedrock user conflict and author was able to fix the issue same day as well as active on discord and very helpful. Recommend this plugin!
  2. Annijang
    Version: 10.1
    This work is very good, but I found that it does not support when 1.18.1 is running. Can you add a supported version?
    1. knokko
      Author's Response
      Because supporting every single minecraft version takes me too much time, I only support the last patch of each major minecraft version (like 1.18.2 and 1.17.1). I suggest you update your server to 1.18.2
  3. Sssimon1041
    Version: 10.0
    Best plugin for custom items in all minecraft, but please, answer to my question. Can this plugin to fall down my server in tps or mspt? As example with mysticmobs and this plugin on vanilla purpur 1 17 1 with... 20 peoples? Tps can stay on 20?
    1. knokko
      Author's Response
      This plug-in usually doesn't cause a drop in tps.
      But if it does, please use some performance profiler and show me what causes it. (Usually, performance problems are easy to fix once they are found.)
  4. Samachido
    Version: 9.22
    This plugin is really great and even if it seems more complicated to work directly from another program on pc, it's really very accessible, a possibility to put in French would have been nice but we'll do with it.
    I find it difficult to make blocks to put down on the other hand and being able to make doors and hatches would be a significant plus.
    1. knokko
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. And to answer your questions: adding more types of blocks won't happen anytime soon because I have no idea how to do it (all custom blocks are mushroom blocks, which are always cubes). Placing custom blocks can be done using a *block item*, which is a special kind of custom item: when you create a custom item, you can choose from many options, 1 of them being *Block*. Translating the plug-in itself can be done via plugins/CustomItems/lang.yml and of course by typing French text in the display names and lore of your custom items. Translating the Editor might become possible someday, but not in the near future.
  5. alpha_delta23
    Version: 9.18
    The best custom items plugin with easy to use item creation editor. Fantastic support and communication from the developer and team.
  6. LegoCraftMC
    Version: 9.16
    A very nice plugin with an easy editor where you can create custom items. The developer is always active on discord and answers your every question. I advise.
  7. tncc
    Version: 9.13
    Just do it a few times, you will feel very simple and easy to understand.
    Update Block for 1.12.2 please (^ @^) <3 (^@ ^)
    1. knokko
      Author's Response
      As far as I know, there is no proper way to add custom blocks to minecraft 1.12.2 and earlier. (There are tricks, but these either require entities or blocks with tile entities, which will cause lagg if many are placed.)
  8. mohammadhs5
    Version: 9.10
    hello . this is best ! i love it , but pls replace something others with hoes !
    i cant stack some items and blocks , cuz default item is hoe .
    and pls replace beef with hoe , cuz i cant eat custom foods !
    1. knokko
      Author's Response
      I know that custom items don't stack in creative mode, but they should in survival mode (and adventure mode). Custom food (even though they are backed by hoes) should work even in creative mode. You can contact me on discord if you would like some help with solving the food problem. (The reviews are not the best place for long bug investigations.)
  9. ITKSA1
    Version: 9.8
    Best Custom Plugin ever even there is a few issue but it still perfect , I recommend everyone to use it
    1. knokko
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like the plug-in, but could you tell me what these issues are? (Use the discussions or discord server)
  10. LegoCraftMC
    Version: 9.2
    A plugin that is free and very easy to use, I knew nothing about special items and special models. I learned thanks to this plugin and its editor. Thank you for continuing to develop this plugin. I hope new features come faster. (It would be nice if there were some more features about special blocks.)