Adds Kotlin library to Bukkit/Spigot to be used for Kotlin plugins

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    To be able to develop Bukkit / Spigot plugins with the Kotlin language, the Kotlin library is required on the classpath. This plugin comes to help, the JAR just needs to be dropped into the plugin directory, and your plugin needs to depend on this plugin.

    What's included in the current release

    - Kotlin v1.4.31
    - KotlinX Coroutines v1.4.2
    - KotlinX Serialization v1.1.0 with JSON format support

    How to use it
    1. Download the JAR
    2. Place it into the plugin directory of your Bukkit / Spigot installation
    3. Add the Kotlin plugin as a dependency to your plugin in the plugin.yml file
    Code (YAML):
    depend: [Kotlin]
    Now start developing your plugin with Kotlin and enjoy!

    Kotlin FAQ

    The official Kotlin FAQ can be found here.
    Kotlin is developed by JetBrains, the source code can be found on GitHub.
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