KP-PVP (The ultimate kitpvp plugin) BUILD-22

KitPvP Plugin that has many features and multiworld support!

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    zEnderX5_ , Rafael Auler
    Languages Supported:
    All via config
    If you want to bring back the 1.7 pvp to your minecraft server 1.9 or higher i recommend you to install this

    PS: The plugin doenst have a scoreboard so i recommend you to use a scoreboard plugin with my plugin placeholders.
    This is a good one

    RAntiBot (A Effective antibot plugin)
    Piano (Plays piano on your server!)
    RJoin (Play cool effects when player joins the server!)

    ==--------Plugin description---------==
    KP-PVP is a plugin that will help your players get better in minecraft pvp while having fun! the features it offer will make sure your players are enjoying their battles against their foes! I really hope you like this plugin as i put so much effort into it
    Very customisable
    Comes with 28 kits with very cool abilities and i add more kits in future updates
    Responsible and nice Developer
    Shop System with custom economy support
    Coins System
    Has nice titles! When you join the kitpvp , dies or choose a kit the plugin sends a title to the player. All titles is customisable
    You can give,remove,pay,set coins to other player
    You can list all commands with one simple command (/kp). Thats means that you dont need to remember all commands but one only
    Hability to block any commands that normal players cannot use them when they are in kitpvp
    This plugin has been tested on a local host server and dont have bugs. If have one the developer fix it fast!
    Free Plugin and Open Source
    KillStreak System!
    You can edit killstreak rewards
    Has a custom 1v1 system
    Have a clicktest to you test your clicks!
    Players cannot use kit ability when they are in worldguard protect regions!
    Have a command to change player death spawn!
    The plugin only shows the player the kit that they have acess to
    The shop sells the majority of kits with a balanced price and if you want to edit the prices the plugin is open source so you can edit it.
    You can modify kits description
    You can create soup signs that player can pickup soups from it
    Multiworld support. Thats means that you can combine other minigames like skywars with this plugin because this plugin dont interacts with the game of the players while they are not in kitpvp.
    You can edit the most of the main messages
    Sponges acts as launchpads!
    PlaceHolderAPI Support!
    Very configurable plugin.
    Anti Command Spam. Players cannot do the command /kitpvp join twice if they are already on kitpvp. This is to avoid leaving on combat and prevents bugs. To teleport to kit pvp spawn and reset your kit use /kitclear
    You can give players kills
    You can view your or other player statistics by a Command
    You can clear your kit and go back to spawn
    You can reload the configuration without restart the server
    You can use the command /adminmode to be invisible and catch hackers
    This plugin have a custom staffchat to you talk to your staff without the normal players view the messages
    The players cannot break or place blocks while in game unless they have permission
    Has a beautiful shop and kit menu with various beautifuls unicodes
    Fully support other gamemodes like Skywars
    You can edit the amount of coins thats player win or loose on kill and death
    +200 KB of pure and high quality code
    This plugin dont cause any lag in your server
    You can join and leave the kitpvp any time by a Command
    If you have a factions or fullpvp server you can install this plugin with these gamemodes because the plugin ensures that the players dont loose any item because the plugin saves it.
    A normal player starts with the basic kit and they can buy other kits with coins
    Soups heals 3,5 hearts
    Basic - The Basic and Stantard kit! (ALL PLAYERS HAVE THIS KIT BY DEFAULT)
    PvP - A stronger version of the Basic kit!
    Archer - Starts with sword and bow and arrows!
    Pyro - Start with fire sword and fire bow
    Tank - Starts with diamond armor but are slow
    Switcher - Throw a snowball to change places with your enemy
    Jumper - Jump all you can
    Cactus - Get armor with thorns
    Bomber - Throw tnt on your enemy
    Warper - Starts with a sword and ender pearls!
    Wasp - Starts with sharp V blaze rod
    Spiderman - Can climb walls with your sword
    Airman - With this kit you can fly!
    Fisherman - Catch players and teleports him to you!
    Stomper - Smash your enemies
    Deshfire - Got a boost and burn your enemies
    Viper - Have a 33% chance to poison on each hit
    Gladiator - Challenge someone into a glass arena
    Kangaroo - Do double-jump with your firework!
    Ninja - Sneak and you teleport to the last player that you hurt
    Timelord - With this kit you can freeze players with your Clock!
    Critical - Have 10% chance to do more damage on each hit!
    DoubleJump - Press space two times to do a double jump!
    Thor - Make thunderbolts with your axe and be immune to them!
    Snail - Have a 33% Chance to slow enemies on each hit
    Naruto - Right click with your nether star and gain effects!
    Vampire - Have a 27% chance to receive regeneration effect on each hit!
    Sonic - Give a boost and poison your enemies!

    More kits coming soon...


    /kitpvp Display some commands - NONE
    /kitpvp join Join the kitpvp - NONE
    /kitpvp info Display the plugin info and credits - NONE
    /kitpvp clear Clear your kit and return to the kitpvp spawn - kitpvp.kitclear
    /kitpvp kits Open the kit menu (The Kit menu can be opened too with your item received when you join the kitpvp)
    /kitpvp shop Open the shop menu (The Shop menu can be opened too with your item received when you join the kitpvp)
    /kitpvp leave Leave the kitpvp - NONE
    /kitpvp update (Tell you if the plugin have a new Version and how to update it) - kitpvp.admin
    /kp (Alias to /kitpvp)
    /kphelp Displays the full commands list - NONE
    /skit create (kitname) - create a kit with the items in your inventory) - kitpvp.skit
    /skit apply (kitname) (range) - apply the kit to the players in a range - kitpvp.skit
    /kitcredits Display the credits and plugin information - NONE
    /ksc A Custom Staff Chat to you talk with your staff - kitpvp.staffchat
    /kpsetspawn Set the kitpvp spawn - kitpvp.setspawn
    /kpsetdeathspawn If you want to change the player death spawn use this command - kitpvp.setspawn
    /set1v1 spawn,loc1,loc2 Set the 1v1 spawn and players positions - kitpvp.set1v1
    /givecoins <nick> <amount> Give players coins - kitpvp.coins
    /removecoins <nick> <amount> Remove players coins - kitpvp.coins
    /paycoins <nick> <amount> Pay coins to someone- NONE
    /coins View your coins
    /kpkills give <Player> <Amount> Give Player kills - kitpvp.givekills
    /kpkills remove <Player> <Amount> Remove Player kills - kitpvp.givekills
    /adminmode Enter in admin mode to catch hackers - kitpvp.adminmode
    /kitreload Reload the configuration file - kitpvp.kitreload
    /kitclear Clear your kit and teleports you to the kitpvp spawn - kitpvp.kitclear
    /kpkits (Alias to /kitpvp kits) - NONE
    /kpshop (Alias to /kitpvp shop) - NONE
    /stats <PlayerName> View your or other players stats
    ---- Lonely permissions ---- - Allow to build while in game
    kitpvp.createsigns - Allow to create join,leave or soup signs
    kitpvp.stats.see.other - Allow to see other player stats
    kitpvp.kit.<kitname> - Allow you to use a kit ex: kitpvp.kit.stomper
    kitpvp.kit.* - Allow you to use all kits

    kitpvp.unblockedcmds - Allows you to use blocked cmds while in kitpvp

    IMAGES (click on each link to see the images)

    default config file
    Code (Text):

    #KitPvP Version BUILD-21 | Author: zEnderX5_ , Rafael Auler
    #Author Channel:
    #Subscribe to help me to improve the plugin. Thanks =D
    #PS: use /kp for view the plugin command list
    #View all colors here:
    #The plugin only works on 1.7 if you use BUILD-10 or lower
    #BUILD-14 is for 1.8 or greater servers

    #Prefix settings
    Prefix: '&8[&cKitPvP&8] '

    #No Permission Message
    Permission: '&cSorry, but you dont have the permission to use this.'

    #Kill & Death settings
    CustomKillAndDeathMessage: true

    #Message settings
      Kit: '&aYou have chosen kit &8- &a%kit%!'
      KitUse: '&cYou have already taken a kit'
      Death: '&aYou are killed by &7%player%'
      Kill: '&cYou killed the player &7%player%'
      Clear: '&cYou reset your kit'
      KitPvpJoin-Message: '&eYou join in the kitpvp'
      KitPvpLeave-Message: '&eYou leave the kitpvp'
      BlockedCMD-OnKitPvP: '&eThis command cannot be perfomed on kitpvp!'
    #Kit Menu item settings
      Lore: '&7Right click to open the kit menu'
      Spawn: 'spawn %player%'
      OpenKitMenu: 'false'
      JoinSound: 'true'
    #Spiderman settings
      Name: '&aWall Climber &7(Right click)'
      Lore: '&7(Right click) wall climber'
    #Airman settings
      Name: '&aFly &7(Right click)'
      Lore: '&7(Right click) to fly'

    #Title settings
    #Only works on 1.8 or greater servers
      KitTitle: '&aYou have chosen the kit'
      KitSubTitle: '&aKit &8- &a%kit% !'
      DeathTitle: '&cYou are killed'
      DeathSubTitle: '&cby &7%player%'
      JoinTitle: '&eYou joined on the kitpvp'
      JoinSubTitle: '&eHave a great game!'
      LeaveTitle: '&cYou leave the kitpvp!'
      LeaveSubTitle: '&cTo join again use: /kitpvp join'
      1v1Leave: '&aYou leave the 1v1'
    #Respawn settings
    RespawnSound: true

    #Sound list:
      Kit: 'ITEM_PICKUP'
      ShopMenu: 'CHEST_OPEN'
      Soup: 'EAT'
      Fisherman: 'ENDERMAN_TELEPORT'
      Spiderman: 'SLIME_WALK'
      Respawn: 'LEVEL_UP'
      Join: 'LEVEL_UP'
      KitMenu: 'DOOR_CLOSE'
      SpongeUse: 'ENDERMAN_TELEPORT'
      BowlDrop: 'ITEM_PICKUP'
      ErrorMessage: 'ARROW_HIT'
      SucefullMessage: 'ORB_PICKUP'
      NoPermissionMessage: 'WITHER_SHOOT'
      SwitcherShoot: 'ENDERMAN_TELEPORT'
      Timelord: 'WITHER_SPAWN'
      Stomper: 'FIREWORK_BLAST'
      NarutoAbility: 'BLAZE_DEATH'
      CommandsSounds: 'BURP'
      ShopMenu-Click: 'LEVEL_UP'
      Streak: 'LEVEL_UP'
      Airman-Fly: 'ENDERMAN_SCREAM'
      DoubleJump-Ability: 'FIREWORK_BLAST2'
      StomperDamage: 'ANVIL_LAND'
      1v1: 'CLICK'
      ClickTest: 'CLICK'

    #If the option below is true all commands play a sound when a player execute them
    #You can modify the sound in Sounds configuration
    EnableSoundsToAllCommands: true

    #If the option below is true the players cannot break or place blocks while in kitpvp
    #Unless they have the permission
    #If the option is false everyone can build while in kitpvp unless you protect the zone with WorldGuard
    #Defaults to true
    BlockPlayersBuilding: true

    #Enable or disable command block feature on kitpvp
    #true means enabled / false means disabled
    #Defaults to true
    EnableCommandBlockingInKitPvP: true

    #Enable or disable hunger on kitpvp
    DisableHungerOnKitPvP: true

    #Enable or disable droppig items while in kitpvp
    #If this is true the player cannoy drop anhyting except bowls
    #If this is false he can drop any item
    #Recommended to leave this true
    #Defaults to true
    DisableDropsOnKitPvP: true

    #Enable or disable pickup items on kitpvp
    #If this is true the player can only pickup mushroom soups and bowls
    #If this is false the player can pickup any items
    #Defaults to true
    DisablePickupItemsOnKitPvP: true
    #Custom death message
      Tell: 'You have died to %player%! You lost 50 coins.'
    #Custom kill message
      Tell: 'You killed %player%, you earned 100 coins.'

     # Enable sending your server address to bStats? This could get you a couple more players. =)
     # Defaults to true
    SendIPAddressData: true

    #Put here the cmds that are be blocked in kitpvp
    #Bypass permission: kitpvp.unblockedcmds
    - /warp
    - /spawn
    - /ewarp
    - /espawn
    - /server
    - /sw
    - /skywars
    - /bw
    - /bedwars
    - /mines
        kills: 2
        mortes: 0
        kills: 2
        mortes: 0
      World: world
      X: 45.80294662701026
      Y: 124.86933315841993
      Z: -91.71575866737658
      Pitch: 42.90001
      Yaw: -9.5999975
      World: world
      X: 45.80294662701026
      Y: 124.86933315841993
      Z: -91.71575866737658
      Pitch: 42.90001
      Yaw: -9.5999975



    settings.yml file
    Code (Text):

    #If the player kills a player put here the quantity of earned coins
    Earned-Coins-Per-Kill: 100
    #If the player is killed put here the quantity of lost coins
    Lost-Coins-Per-Death: 50

    #Customize here the killstreak rewards
    KS-3: 150
    KS-5: 300
    KS-10: 500
    KS-15: 700
    KS-20: 900
    KS-25: 1200
    KS-30: 1500
    KS-40: 2000
    KS-50: 3200
    KS-60: 4100
    KS-65: 5000
    KS-70: 5800
    KS-80: 6100
    KS-90: 6500
    KS-100: 8000
    1v1.yml file
    Code (Text):
      ability: 1v1
        won: '&cYou won the 1v1!'
        lose: '&cYou lose the 1v1!'
        invite_cooldown: '&cWait To Challenge Again!'
        invite_accept: '&cThe player $player$ accepted his request for 1v1!'
        guest_accept: '&cYou accepted the request of $player$!'
        invite: '&cYou challenged $player$ to 1v1!'
        guest: '&cYou were challenged by $player$ to 1v1!'
        disconect: '&cYour opponent disconnected'
        no_cmd: '&cYou cannot use commands on 1V1!'
          x: 176.69620724907145
          y: 54.0
          z: -15.42986599037431
          yaw: 2.6731622
          pitch: 6.9908104
          x: 330.5
          y: 54.0
          z: -99.5
          yaw: 90
          pitch: 0
          x: 344.5
          y: 54.0
          z: -99.5
          yaw: 180
          pitch: 0
    messages.yml file

    Code (Text):
    [B][B][B][B]#In this file you can edit plugin languague
    #Some messages arent here. they are in config.yml
    1v1Leave: '&eYou leave the 1v1.'
    TimelordUse: '&aYou use your ability!'
    Timelordfrozen: '&cYou have been frozen by a timelord'
    TimelordUnfrozen: '&bYou have been unfrozen'
    MonkUse: '&6You use your ability!'
    NarutoUse: '&cKyuubi mode activated!'
    KitCooldownEnd: '&aYou can use your ability again!'
    KitCooldown: '&bYou must wait &5%time% seconds &bto use your ability again'
    KangarooCooldown: '&cYou cannot use this when you are in combat'
    NinjaError: '&4The last player that you hurt is very distant'
    NoFundsShop: '&cYou dont have money to buy this kit!'
    AdminModeJoin: '&aYou enter in admin mode'
    AdminModeLeave: '&bYou leave the admin mode'
    SpawnSeted: '&bYou seted the kitpvp spawn with sucess!'
    KitSlotBlocked: '&cSlot blocked! Buy more kits on the shop.'
    KitMenuClosed: '&2&lYou close the kit menu sucefully'
    ShopMenuClosed: '&2&lYou close the shop menu sucefully'
    SpawnDeathSeted: '&bYou changed the kitpvp death spawn location with sucess!'
    PluginReloaded: '&eThe plugin config has been reloaded sucefully!'
    AlreadyonClickTest: '&cYou are already testing your clicks!'
    ClickTestStarted: '&eThe clicktest started!'
    ClickTestStarting: '&eThe clicktest will start on %time% seconds'
    ClickTestFinished: '&eThe quantity of your clicks below:'
    ClickTestResult: '&eQuantity of click made: %clicks%'
    DeshFireCooldownEnd: '&2The cooldown of Deshfire kit ended!'
    DeshFireCooldown: '&cYou are in cooldown'
    SonicCooldownEnd: '&2The cooldown of Sonic kit ended!'
    SonicCooldown: '&cYou are in cooldown'
    ShopPriceLore: '&ePrice:'
    CloseShopLore: '&7Close the shop menu'
    ShopItemContents: '&bIf you buy a kit relog to receive them'
    ShopInventoryName: '&aBuy more kits :D'
    KitsInventoryName: '&6Kit Menu'
    JailedPlayer: '&aYou jail the player: %player%'
    NoUseAbility: '&cYou cannot use your ability here!'

    #Modify the plugin Signs below
    SoupSignLine1: '&c-=-=-=-'
    SoupSignLine2: '&2Free'
    SoupSignLine3: '&5Soup'
    SoupSignLine4: '&c-=-=-=-'

    JoinSignLine1: '&c-=-=-=-'
    JoinSignLine2: '&bKitPvP'
    JoinSignLine3: '&2Join'
    JoinSignLine4: '&c-=-=-=-'

    LeaveSignLine1: '&c-=-=-=-'
    LeaveSignLine2: '&bKitPvP'
    LeaveSignLine3: '&2Leave'
    LeaveSignLine4: '&c-=-=-=-'

    #Items name
    StatsItemName: '&bYour stats &7(Right click)'
    KitItemName: '&aKit menu &7(Right click)'
    ShopItemName: '&3Shop menu &7(Right click)'
    1v1ItemName: '&bJoin 1v1 &7(Right click)'
    ClickTestItemName: '&6Click Test &7(Right click)'


    kits.yml file
    Code (Text):
    #In this file you can edit kits description and some kit abilities options!
    BasicLore: '&7Basic and Standard kit!'
    PvPLore: '&7Stronger version of basic kit'
    KangarooLore: '&7Do doublejumps with your firework!'
    ArcherLore: '&7Start with bow and arrows!'
    TankLore: '&7Start with diamond amor and slowness 3'
    SnailLore: '&7On each hit you have a chance to give slowness'
    ViperLore: '&7On each hit you have a chance to give poison'
    StomperLore: '&7Smash your enemies'
    DeshfireLore: '&7Do a boost and put fire!'
    CriticalLore: '&7Have a chance to give a critical hit'
    GladiatorLore: '&7Challenge someone in a glass arena'
    ThorLore: '&7Throw thunders and be immune to them!'
    DoubleJumpLore: '&7Press space to do a doublejump'
    BomberLore: '&7Throw bombs in your enemies'
    WaspLore: '&7Start with a sharp 7 blaze rod'
    AirmanLore: '&7With this kit you can fly!'
    SwitcherLore: '&7Swaps places with your snowball'
    NinjaLore: '&7Press shift to teleport to your enemy'
    CactusLore: '&7Gets thorns armor!'
    PyroLore: '&7Starts with a fire bow and sword'
    JumperLore: '&7Starts with super jump 4!'
    TimelordLore: '&7Stops the time with your clock'
    FishermanLore: '&7Catch players with your fishing rod!'
    SpidermanLore: '&7Climb walls with your sword'
    WarperLore: '&7Start with enderpearls!'
    VampireLore: '&7Have a chance to drain blood of tour enemie you each hit'
    NarutoLore: '&7Becomes naruto and have kyuubi'
    SonicLore: '&7Do a boost and put poison!'

    #Modify the cooldown of some kits

    StomperCooldown: 30
    ThorCooldown: 5

    Any permissions manager plugin like: PEX (Used for shop system - If you not install, the shop system will not give the player kits. but the plugin will work normally) Supported permissions plugin: zPermissions , PermissionsEx , Ultra Permissions , Luck Perms and GroupManager. Choose one and install it in your server.
    (Optional) PlaceHolderAPI - To use my plugin placeholders in other plugins. See placeholders below
    (Optional) WorldGuard - If worldguard is installed players cannot use kit ability in regions that have pvp disabled
    (Optional) WorldEdit - If you install worldguard you need to install worldedit too

    It can be used in any compatible PlaceHolderAPI plugin like Scoreboards plugins. You can find the compatible plugins in PlaceHolderAPI plugin page.
    You need the plugin PlaceHolderAPI to use that placeholders
    %kp-pvp_player_kills% - Returns the player kills
    %kp-pvp_player_deaths% - Returns the player deaths
    %kp-pvp_player_coins% - Returns the player coins
    %kp-pvp_player_streak% - Returns the player kill streak
    %kp-pvp_player_is_on_kitpvp% Returns Yes if the player are on kitpvp and returns No if he are not in kitpvp
    %kp-pvp_players_count_total% - Returns the total players that are on kitpvp
    %kp-pvp_player_kit% - Returns the player actual used kit

    {placeholderapi_kp-pvp_placeholder} ex: {placeholderapi_kp-pvp_player_kills}

    how to install the plugin
    steps that are optional are marked by (optional)

    STEP 1: Dowload the plugin and put the plugin in your plugins server folder and make sure that your server is Spigot 1.8 or greater and have any permission plugin installed.
    STEP 2: (Optional) Install PlaceHolderAPI plugin
    STEP 3: Stop the Server and Start it Again
    STEP 4: (Optional) Configure the config.yml what you likes and do /kitreload
    STEP 5: BUILD A KITPVP MAP AND SET THE SPAWN WITH /kpsetspawn ( if you want a premade kitpvp map you can dowload one here )
    STEP 6: (Optional) If you want to change the player death spawn on kitpvp set it with /kpsetdeathspawn
    Step 7: (Optional) BUILD A 1V1 MAP
    Step 8: (Optional) Set the 1v1 spawn with /set1v1 spawn
    Step 9: (Optional) Set the first player position with /set1v1 loc1
    Step 10: (Optional) Set the second player position with /set1v1 loc2
    STEP 11: CREATE A JOIN SIGN OR JOIN THE GAME WITH THE COMMAND /kitpvp join and if you want to join the 1v1 write /kitpvp 1v1 (you need to join on kitpvp first)


    soup sign:
    line-1: [kp]
    line-2: soup
    join sign:
    line-1: [kp]
    line-2: join
    leave sign:
    line-1: [kp]
    line-2: leave

    rec by me [Portuguese]

    None yet.
    If your servers are using this plugin and you want the IP listed here pm me

    Here are some suggestions that users give to me and i implement in the plugin

    Add placeholderapi placeholders (Added in BUILD-8)
    Coins command being console supported (Added in BUILD-19)
    Make players dont use kits on worldguard protect regions (Added in BUILD-21)
    Make kits description configurable (Added in BUILD-18)
    Make kitpvp items name customizable (Added in BUILD-16b)

    You are welcome to give suggestions to the plugin. If i think that it is useful i will implement it

    support me!
    You can help me subscribing in my youtube channel and following me on spigot
    Channel link:

    Thanks! and if you like it remember to write a 5 stars review below. Its is very appreciate.



    This plugin use bStats to colect informations about servers using it
    View the current statistics here


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    I have one question. Is there any way to make players automatically joiN the kitpvp? Like without having to type /kitpvp join?
      Author's Response
      Well. At moment by plugin itself this not possible at the moment. But you can use a JoinCommads plugin like this one: to make players execute the command /kitpvp join when they enter the server.
      Thanks for the review!
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    Version: BUILD-18r
    Good ressources ! finally a pvpfor 1.13 !

    Where can i set the pos player tp after dying ? thanks !
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      Update the plugin to the Version BUILD-19 and you can set the player death spawn with /kpsetdeathspawn
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    Version: BUILD-18TempFix
    Hey dude really nice plugin! I have tested it and it works really good! I have a only problem, when i chaneg the colour of the signs the join and leave signs wont work more i resolved it deleting the the config ! i hope you can fix this little thing !
      Author's Response
      I have tested it and have worked well. Pm me
  6. sakajoao
    Version: BUILD-18c
    Is Ok. Not working correctly for me tho. Maybe the author can help me?
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    You already have taken kit!

    You challange ...
    Wait to challenge again!

    They always double...

    Please help
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      What Version you are using? Pm me
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    Plugin works for 1.13. Any way to join kitpvp on join instead of a command? Very nice plugin though
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      You can use signs, when the player right clicks they enter in kitpvp. Or you can install a menu plugin ChestCommands to create a menu that when clicked execute the command /kitpvp join.
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    Version: BUILD-16b
    Ola, creio que vc me possa ajudar, gostaria que entrasse em contacto comigo quando pudesse porfavor.
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      Manda mensagem privada
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    Version: BUILD-16b
    Hey nice plugin but how do you modify the price of the kits ?

    I searched but didn't found it :(