KP-PVP (The ultimate kitpvp plugin) BUILD-41b

KitPvP Plugin that has many features and multiworld support!

  1. Made several improvements


    - Now the titles last longer. It last on player screen for 3 seconds to able the players read them
    - Fixed a bugged message in 1v1
    - Updated the nohunger in kitpvp code
    - Fixed a 1v1 error console on 1.15
    - Recoded the ninja kit entirely (its is now much better and displays cooldown message and the cooldown is editable)
    - Finally fixed respawn compatibility for all (I Think, in my test server its fixed)
    - Made several minor improvements to the code
    - Now players gains kills when they win a 1v1

    Files changes
    Add this to messages.yml on the top of the line below the 'NinjaError' message
    Code (Text):
    NinjaTeleport: '&cYou used the ninja to teleport to %player%'
    Add this to kits.yml in cooldowns section
    Code (Text):
    NinjaCooldown: 10
    thanks for following the development of the plugin. if you spot bugs/issues report to me on pm.
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    Thanks and have a great day
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