KP-PVP (The ultimate kitpvp plugin) BUILD-20b

KitPvP Plugin that has many features and multiworld support!

  1. Fixed bug in 1.8-1.12 plugin

    Fixed a bug that causes plugin give console erros on 1.8-1.12 servers
  2. Added new files to customize the plugin and new things

    Now the plugin have a file called kits.yml
    In this file you can edit all kits descriptions and the cooldown of some kits
    Changed the /coins command
    Now the commands are
    /givecoins - give coins to a player
    /removecoins - remove coins from a player
    /paycoins - pay coins to someone
    /coins - view your coins
    Now the commands /givecoins and /removecoins has console support
    You can use these commands from console - Feature requested by @UltimateGamer200

    If you...
  3. Fixed plugin signs on 1.13

    Fixed plugin signs not working correctly on 1.13 servers
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  4. Added a new kit and fixed some bugs

    It strong recommended that you update your plugin because many bugs is fixed!
    You need to reset your entirely KP-PVP folder in order to update!

    Fixed a bug that when using UltraPermissions plugin the shop dont give player kit

    Fixed a bug that when a player reach a killstreak the broadcast message is not send and a error in console occours

    Added many new messages in messages.yml

    Now the...
  5. Updated plugin source code

    The source code has been updated
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  6. Big Update [Added a lot of thigs and fixed some bugs]

    This is a really important update and added many new things and fixed some bugs
    It recommended that you update your plugin!

    - Added command /kpsetdeathspawn to set death spawn for players in kitpvp (You only need to use this if you want to players respawn in a diferent location that kitpvp spawn) - This is requested by a user

    - Removed the plugin Scoreboard (The plugin scoreboard has very bugged and i...
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  7. Updated and fixed the file

    The zile file now contains the new version and it is fixed
    I will update the plugin with more features and bug fixes Stay tuned!

    Click on watch this resource to receive update notification
    If you encounter any bugs pm me
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  8. Fixed corrputed file

    Uploaded the old Version because the file with new plugin is corrupted.
    In out of my home. When i return i upload the new Version again
  9. Fixed 1.13

    Fixed 1.13 plugin version doenst working
  10. Fixed somw bugs

    Fixed the placeholder kp-pvp_player_coins not working
    Fixed the plugin sends a bugged and ugly message when a player kill another
    Fixed some console error
    Thanks to @UltimateGamer200 for reporting these bugs!

    If you encounter a bug or have a suggestion pm to me

    Click on watch this resource to receive update notifications!

    Thanks and have a great day
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