KP-PVP (The ultimate kitpvp plugin) BUILD-14G

KitPvP Plugin that has many features and multiworld support!

  1. Thanks for using the plugin.

    The plugin popularity is growning up! give ideas to the plugin =)
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  2. Simple update

  3. Fixed a tiny bug

    When a player is using kit dumblejump and use /kitclear they are permitted to fly for a infinite time (This is now fixed in this update)
  4. Added one subcommand

    Added the command /kitpvp clear (Its clear your kit and returns you to kitpvp spawn)
  5. changed minors things

    Now the /kitpvp command do not display the credits when executed
    Added command /kitpvp info to show the plugin credits
    Added sounds when you interact with a kitpvp items

    Here is how the /kitpvp command looks:
  6. New update!

    Improved the bstats metrics system.
  7. Fixed a console error

    Fixed a error that appear when you kill a player on 1.9 or greater server
  8. Fixed Streak

    Fixed KillStreak not working on ScoreBoard
  9. Changed score

    - Changed default scoreboard in config
  10. ReAdded the Scoreboard

    The ScoreBoard is now readded (The ScoreBoard no longer cause conflicts with FeatherBoard)
    - Added a option in config to disable plugin scoreboard
    - The death title now appear in respawn