KP-PVP (The ultimate kitpvp plugin) BUILD-37b

KitPvP Plugin that has many features and multiworld support!

  1. Fixed 1v1 not working on 1.8-1.13 servers

    Fixed 1v1 not working on 1.8-1.13 servers because i have used a code that only works on 1.14.
    Now it is fixed
  2. Fixed some bugs and recoded 1v1

    Reset your 1v1.yml file in order to update


    Recoded the 1v1 and optimized the 1v1 code a lot
    Fixed a console error that throws when a player challenge another in 1v1
    Fixed a bug that causes the players only be able to challenge one person and cant challenge another because of the cooldown
    Fixed the 1v1 tool cooldown never ends
    Now the 1v1 tool cooldown is configurable in 1v1.yml
    Fixed the killstreak message being...
  3. HotFix for 1.15 users


    Fixed plugin not working on 1.14-1.15 because of mistake of my part (Coding java is extremely difficult and sensitive and one single mistake on the code can destroy the entire plugin)
  4. Make small improvements and hotfix on 1.14-1.15 plugin version


    - (Hotfix): Fixed the plugin causing the server to shut down when you use the redstone to leave the 1v1 on 1.14-1.15 plugin version
    - Fixed some grammar mistakes on hard coded messages (Thank for @Uncertain to pointing them to me)
    - Added protection 2 to airman chestplate and feather falling 4 to airman boots and unbreaking 3 to airman sword to make the kit more balanced (Before...
  5. Added a lot of things and fixed issues

    You need to reset your kits.yml and messages.yml in order to update


    Added two new kits (Fireman and monk)
    Fixed kit ninja causing nullpointer exception
    Added a lot of new messages in messages.yml
    Changed fisherman armor to a full iron
    Changed fisherman sword to a diamond sword
    Added protection 3 to airman kit helmet
    Increased Ryu damage
    Fixed the CooldownEnds message not being sends to player
    Fixed winning a 1v1 give...
  6. Fixed a error

    Fixed nullexception on 1.13 servers
  7. Fixed a console error

    Fixed a nullpointer exception caused by ninja kit.
  8. Made several improvements


    - Now the titles last longer. It last on player screen for 3 seconds to able the players read them
    - Fixed a bugged message in 1v1
    - Updated the nohunger in kitpvp code
    - Fixed a 1v1 error console on 1.15
    - Recoded the ninja kit entirely (its is now much better and displays cooldown message and the cooldown is editable)
    - Finally fixed respawn compatibility for all (I Think, in my test server its fixed)
    - Made several minor improvements to the code
    - Now players gains kills when...
  9. Fixed more compatibilty issues

    Fixed a compatibility issue with respawn point
    Removed strenght effect from naruto kit

    sorry for the frequent updates but im trying to make the plugin better for everyone
    if you encounter bugs pm me the bug and i will do my best to fix it
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  10. Fixed compatibility issues

    Fixed a compatibility issue that causes player who dies in kitpvp spawn in overworld when the server is using some spawn plugins (Reported by @Kangaroozy )
    Nerfed kit naruto once more so he will have speed 2 instead of speed 3