KP-PVP (The ultimate kitpvp plugin) BUILD-09

KitPvP Plugin that has many features and multiworld support!

  1. Simple update

  2. Give me ideas

    I out of ideas to this plugin if you can give me ideas i appreciate it
  3. Other Simple update

  4. Other simple update

    Just updating to remember you
  5. Simple update

    Nothing new
  6. Simple update

    You dont need to update
    In next version i will add new cool features
    Give me ideas please :)
  7. Fixed

    I have updated the old code. This is the correct code. Sorry for this!
  8. Fixed some console errors

    Fixed some console errors when a player write /coins add/remove/pay/set
  9. Fixed some bugs

    I Make the plugin more compatible with other scoreboards plugins
    Fixed a error that shows when a player wrire /kitcredits

    Watch this resource to receive update notifications. Thanks! If you encounter any bugs pm me!
  10. Added 1.7 and 1.8 Support and fixed some bugs

    You need to regenerate your config.yml to update correctly.
    Added 1.7 and 1.8 support. Now the plugin works in these versions
    All sounds sends to players by this plugin is now editable in config.yml
    Make the plugin more compatible with the plugin FeatherBoard

    If you have any bugs pm me!