[KP] [Skript] [ENG] ServerTools 0.5 BETA

A plugin made by KoekPudding and DustyCat

  1. KoekPudding
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    KoekPudding [Jeremy], Santa
    Languages Supported:
    ServerTools is a plugin like essentials.
    Right now is the plugin in BETA, so it isn't done yet!
    You need to install:
    - Skript
    - WildSkript
    - SkQuery 3
    /setwebsite | Change the website URL
    -> servertools.setwebsite
    /togglewebsite | Toggle the /website command
    -> servertools.togglewebsite
    /website | Shows the website
    -> No permission

    /setforum | Change the forum URL
    -> servertools.setforum
    /toggleforum | Toggle the /forum command
    -> servertools.toggleforum
    /forum | Shows the forum
    -> No permission

    /setwarp | Set a warp
    -> servertools.setwarp
    /warp | Teleport to a warp
    -> servertools.warp.<warpname>
    /warps | Shows the list of warps
    -> No permissions

    /st | Main command
    -> servertools.st.use
    /setspawn | To set the spawn
    /spawn | To teleport to the spawn
    /sethome | To set a home
    /home | To teleport to a home
    /tpa | To send a teleportation request to a player
    /tpaccept | To accept an teleport request
    Right now? Nobody did react with their server IP, so be the first one!​

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