KTitles 1.0

Let your players title themselves!

  1. Kethas
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This plugin lets players create their own tag/titles regardless of rank. To create a title a player must have an item with a name you set. You can blacklist words and give players premade titles using permissions.

    /titlecreate <title> - creates a title and uses a token
    /titlecolor - opens the title color and formatting GUI
    /titles - shows all of the titles

    ktitles.titles.* - grants permission to use any title
    ktitles.blacklist.bypass - allows you to create titles containing blacklisted words (if you blacklist 'ass' you have to have an admin create a title containing the word 'sass')
    ktitles.item.bypass - allows you to create titles without needing an item

    messages - messages to be sent on certain events
    item.required - if an item is required
    item.title-token-display-name - the name of the item needed to create titles. the item itself can be any item and can have any lore, but the name has to be what you put in the config.
    blacklisted-words - words that are not allowed to be contained in titles.

    PlaceholderAPI (the placeholder is ktitles_title)

    If you have any suggestions just tell me and I will add them