Kuffle Items (1.15 - 1.16) 1.7

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  1. KosmosUniverse
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Kuffle Items
    Kuffle Items is a game plugin. Each Player randomly get an item and have a certain amount of time to find or craft it and to right-click with it.
    This plugin is inspired by Kuffle Blocks plugin.

    Game proceedings
    Each Player has a personal timer above its hot bar and an age progress bar at the top of its screen. He have to find and validate certain amount of items, depending on config file, and each time he achieve this goal, he moves to the next age.
    There are 7 Ages: Archaic, Classic, Mineric, Netheric, Heroic, Mythic and Oceanic.
    The first Player to finish all ages win.
    You can play with all ages or less depending on your config.

    There also are five games modes: Teams, Same, Double, SBTT and Passive. (they are not exclusive)
    - Team mode allows you to play in teams of <config number>.
    - Same mode allows you to play with same items for all players.
    - Double mode allows you to play with two items at a time for each players.
    - SBTT mode allows you to play with randomly generated templates that you can craft instead of your item. Template crafts changes every time it is crafted.
    - Passive mode allows you to play with pvp disabled and private shulker boxes. (Nobody can break/open/pickup shulker boxes that own to you)

    Suggestions and Notes
    1. Default config file can be updated but require server restart so configure your common game parameters and update a few of them before each party in-game with ki-config command..
    2. It takes between 1h30min and 2h30min to finish a game with 5 items in an Age and 6 Ages (Archaic, Classic, Mineric, Netheric, Heroic and Mythic).
    3. To speedup your game, enable Double Mode and/or SBTT mode.
    4. Teams can have different size but it will give an advantage to smaller teams.
    5. Items and Rewards for each Ages are configured for normal Minecraft generation. If you're using custom Minecraft generation your game could be harder or impossible to complete. You can modify these files to handle custom generation.

    All Players:
    - /ki-crafts - To see all custom crafts.
    - /ki-skip - To skip the current item (with penalty).
    - /ki-abandon - To abandon the game.
    - /ki-ageblocks [age name] - To see current age items or specific age items.
    - /ki-players - To see other player that are in the game and their items. this command allows you to tp to this player if you finished the game.
    - /ki-lang <lang> - To modify lang of your game display.

    Op players:
    - /ki-list [reset | remove <Player name> | add <@a | Player name>] - To add/remove players to the list and view/reset the game list.
    - /ki-start - To start the game.
    - /ki-stop - To stop the game (without save).
    - /ki-pause - To pause the game.
    - /ki-resume - To resume the game.
    - /ki-validate <player name> - To validate the player's item.
    - /ki-validate-age <player name> - To validate the player's age.
    - /ki-adminskip <player name> - To skip the player's item (without penalty).
    - /ki-save - To stop the game and save all datas.
    - /ki-load - To start the game from saved datas.
    - /ki-config [<config parameter> <parameter value>] ... - To modify game setting in-game.

    - /ki-team-create <Team Name> [Team Color] - To create a Team
    - /ki-team-delete <Team Name> - To delete a Team
    - /ki-team-affect-player <Team Name> <Player Name> - To affect a player to a team
    - /ki-team-remove-player <Team Name> <Player Name> - To remove a player from a team.
    - /ki-team-reset-players <Team Name> - To empty a team player list.
    - /ki-team-random-player - To add player randomly in created teams.
    - /ki-team-color <Team Name> <Color> - To change a team color.
    - /ki-team-show - to display teams in the chat.

    - Place Downloaded KuffleItems.jar in your server plugins folder.
    - Start your server
    - Done !!

    Upgrade to newer version
    - Stop your server.
    - Remove KuffleItems.jar from plugin folder.
    - Remove KuffleiItems folder from plugin folder.
    - Place newly download KuffleItems.jar in plugin folder.
    - Start your server

Recent Updates

  1. Version for Minecraft 1.17
  2. Fixes & Clean
  3. Fix, Add and Change

Recent Reviews

  1. MelaniumAS
    Version: 1.6
    No entiendo el juego nunca empieza..

    01/06/2021 15:36:59 : [JahunMC] -> Performed command <ki-start>.
    01/06/2021 15:36:59 : [JahunMC] -> No players in the list.

    Y somo 4 jugadores en el servidor.
    Por favor no use JSON use YML.
    1. KosmosUniverse
      Author's Response
      Hi !

      You just have to use ki-list command to add player one by one or all with @a parameter.

      About JSON instead of YML, I prefer JSON because of the file generation way and because it's more readable.

      I hope it answer your question and do not hesitate to ask me again if needed.
  2. Tikkle
    Version: 1.2.1
    Very simple and straightforward to set up and run. I was looking for something for my SMP community to do for an event and I found it in this plugin. Great job!

    My suggestion would be to add a way to customize the rewards given to the player(s) after they complete each age. Other than that, a good mini-game for an SMP community!
    1. KosmosUniverse
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot !
      I'm working very hard to create this plugin and your review made me very happy :)

      About your suggestion, I'm already working on it so may be in next version ;)