Kuffle 1.8

Mini-Game Plugin

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    • 1.15
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    Kuffle is a game plugin. Each Player randomly get a block and have a certain amount of time to find or craft it and to stand on it.
    This plugin is inspired by Dreams video (english) and Aypierre's video (french).

    Game proceedings
    Each Player has a personal timer above its hot bar and an age progress bar at the top of its screen. He have to find a certain amount of blocks, depending on config file, and each time he achieve this goal, he moves to the next age.
    For now there are 5 ages: Archaic, Classic, Mineric, Netheric and Heroic.
    The first Player to finish all ages win.

    All Players:
    - /kcrafts - To see all custom crafts.
    - /kmultiblocks - To see all multiblocks.
    - /kskip - To skip the current block (with penalty).

    - /klist [reset | remove <Player name> | add <@a | Player name>] - To add/remove players to the list and view/reset the game list.
    - /kstart - To start the game.
    - /kstop - To stop the game (without save).
    - /kpause - To pause the game.
    - /kresume - To resume the game.
    - /kvalidate <player name> - To validate the player's block.
    - /kadminskip <player name> - To skip the player's block (without penalty).
    - /kadminspawn <multiblock name> - To spawn the multiblock at the player location.
    - /kadminsave - To stop the game and save all datas.
    - /kadminload - To start the game from saved datas.

    You need this archive because it contains mandatory data files.
    Get all mandatory resources in "installation" channel on Discord.
    Tutorial FR but there are english subtitles:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/6ggwYuK

Recent Updates

  1. Refactor TabCompleters
  2. Refactor klist command