[LAFURE] Develop Items 0.6.0-alpha

Custom items.

  1. QrukerQ
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:
    Allows you to change the basis (Name/Description) of the item.

    /developitems - help with commands.
    /developitems name set <String...> - setting a new name for the item.
    /developitems name get - getting item name.
    /developitems lore set <Line> <String...> - sets a new description on the item description line.
    /developitems lore get <Line> - gets the line describing the item on the line.
    /developitems lore remove <Line> - removes the description line from the item on the line.
    /developitems enchant set <Enchant> <Level> - sets the enchantment level.
    /developitems enchant remove <Enchant> - removes enchantment.
    /developitems flags set <Flag> - sets flag.
    /developitems flags remove <Flag> - removes flag.

    developitems.use - command access: /developitems
    developitems.name.set - command access: /developitems name set
    developitems.name.get - command access: /developitems name get
    developitems.lore.set - command access: /developitems lore set
    developitems.lore.get - command access: /developitems lore get
    developitems.lore.remove - command access: /developitems lore remove
    developitems.enchant.set - command access: /developitems enchant set

    developitems.enchant.remove - command access: /developitems enchant remove
    developitems.flags.set - command access: /developitems flags set
    developitems.flags.remove - command access: /developitems flags remove

    - support properties (NBT tags);
    - support custom damage/protection/enchants/properties;
    - support config files.

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