Lag (Skript) 1.1.0

A lag reduction skript.

  1. XXpersonxx
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Baezor (aka XXpersonxx)
    lagsk.png is a skript built for lag reduction on servers. This skript will go into a lockdown mode when the server is lagging. The lockdown mode removes all mobs and dropped items! Certain "lag intensive" features will be disabled during a lockdown. There are currently no configurable options!

    • Lockdown Mode (Stops intensive actions!)
    • Automatic Lag Clearing
    • Delay Testing & Entity Counting
    • Command /lag with permission lag.admin
    • Customizable
    • skript-logs (Optional) (Many errors will show up without this addon!)
    Disabled Lockdown Features
    • Mob Spawning
    • Item Dropping
    • Any Features you Disable (Using the code provided below.)
    Lockdown Actions
    • Killing all Mobs
    • Killing all Dropped Items
    • Logging Lag to Console
    Additional Options

    If you want the lockdown to affect another skript, insert the code below before the feature.

    Code (Text):
    #    Command
    if {lockdown} is true:
        send "&cThis feature is disabled due to a lockdown!"
    #    Event
    if {lockdown} is true:
        send "&cThis feature is disabled due to a lockdown!"
        cancel event
    • Do not sell this skript!
    • Do not redistribute this skript!
    • Do not take credit for the creation of this skript!
    • Do not put bugs, crashes, or changes you would make in the reviews. Please contact me instead!
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Recent Updates

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