LagCheck 2015-06-21

LagCheck is a plugin that allows you to check if you have lost connection to the server.

  1. Purpleglace
    plugin created by: Purpleglace
    This is my first plugin ever, so please show some love and support!
    If you find a bug please comment the problem and il try to fix it.

    What is LagCheck?
    LagCheck is a plugin that allows you and your players to check if they lost connection to
    your server instead of saying "LAG" in the global chat.
    If they use the command: /LagCheck
    then they will get a response witch should look like this:
    - no permissions added (everyone can use the command)
    i know that this is a small plugin but i think it could help a lot of servers!


    1. LagCheck.png

Recent Reviews

  1. _Ylip
    Version: 2015-06-21
    This plugin is gr8! Well made and i think it can help alot of servers that have players that allways say "LAG"
    1. Purpleglace
      Author's Response
      Im glad you liked it!
  2. Prince4DX
    Version: 2015-06-21
    literally the worst **cough** **cough** BEST PLUGIN! DOWNLOAD IT NOW , and to add on im not a bot.. :D