LagMonitor 1.15

Analyze your server performance and find the sources of your lag problems

  1. games647
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    games647, SlimaKCoder, Breuxi, Sternenforscher

    Gives you the possibility to monitor your server performance. This plugin is based on the powerful tools VisualVM and Java Mission Control, both provided by Oracle. This plugin gives you the possibility to use the features provided by these tools in Minecraft itself. This might be useful for server owners/administrators who cannot use the tools.

    Furthermore it especially made for Minecraft itself. So you can also check your TPS (Ticks per seconds), player ping, server timings and so on.


    Although the first major version is released, it doesn't mean the plugin is finished. Some commands aren't optimized and as you can see on the Github page a lot of stuff isn't implemented yet (including better command output styling).

    It's not easy to develop such plugin and it needs a lot time. If you like the project, leave a star on Github and contribute there.


    • Save Monitoring data into a MySQL database for webinterfaces
    • Player ping
    • Sample CPU usage
    • Analyze RAM usage
    • Manage Java Flight Recordings - See this
    • Access to Stacktraces of running threads
    • Shows your ticks per second with history
    • Shows system performance usage
    • Visual graphs ingame
    • Ingame timings viewer
    • Access to Java environment variables (mbeans)
    • Plugin specific profiles
    • Thread safety checks
    • Blocking operations on the main thread check
    • Information about native OS
    • Compatible 1.8+ servers
    • Test with Spigot, PaperSpigot and TacoSpigot
    • Open Source
    Source code


    • /ping - Gets your server ping
    • /ping <player> - Gets the ping of the selected player
    • /stacktrace - Gets the execution stacktrace of the current thread
    • /stacktrace <threadName> - Gets the execution stacktrace of selected thread
    • /thread - Outputs all running threads with their current state
    • /tpshistory - Outputs the current tps
    • /mbean - List all available mbeans (java environment information, JMX)
    • /mbean <beanName> - List all available attributes of this mbean
    • /mbean <beanName> <attribute> - Outputs the value of this attribute
    • /system - Gives you some general information (minecraft server related)
    • /env - Gives you some general information (OS related)
    • /timing - Outputs your server timings ingame
    • /monitor - Monitors the CPU usage of methods
    • /graph [heap/cpu/threads/classes] - Gives you visual graph about your server (currently only the heap usage)
    • /native - Gives you some native os information
    • /vm - Outputs vm specific information like garbage collector, class loading or vm specification
    • /tasks - Information about running and pending tasks
    • /paper - Outputs paper spigot timings
    • /heap - Heap dump about your current memory

    lagmonitor.* - Access to all LagMonitor features

    lagmonitor.commands.* - Access to all commands

    All command permissions
    • lagmonitor.command.stacktrace
    • lagmonitor.command.thread
    • lagmonitor.command.tps
    • lagmonitor.command.mbean
    • lagmonitor.command.system
    • lagmonitor.command.environment
    • lagmonitor.command.timing
    • lagmonitor.command.monitor
    • lagmonitor.command.graph
    • lagmonitor.command.native
    • lagmonitor.command.vm
    • lagmonitor.command.tasks
    • lagmonitor.command.paper
    • lagmonitor.command.heap
    or using Bitcoin:

    Heap command


    Timing command

    CPU Graph (blue=process, yellow=system) - Process load

    Stacktrace and Threads command

    Ping Command

    Thread Sampler (Monitor command)

    System command

    Environment command

    Heap usage graph (yellow=allocated, blue=used)

Recent Reviews

  1. HardwellMC
    Version: 1.15
    This plugin is really amazing... you are the best. Now I can check the efficiency of my plugins. Thank you. Five stars :)
  2. DrOreo002
    Version: 1.15
    Really good and useful plugins!.

  3. Z0mb33
    Version: 1.15
    Nice Plugin!!!! Works perfect on my server 5 stars

  4. PoramaTV
    Version: 1.14.3
    Great job! This plugin work really good for me, I'm too lazy to run proper profiller so this is what I looking for

    p.s. You've got higher rating than MassiveLag XD
  5. ObsceneNameHere
    Version: 1.12
    Sick plugin, very informative and useful. This plugin is unmatched and a must have for any server that's serious about debugging and optimizing!
  6. Rezz
    Version: 1.11.3
    Amazing! I'm very impressed by this plugin and how it works. Overall, it's an incredibly useful plugin.
  7. Spartan9802
    Version: 1.11.3
    Very good plugin !
    I like this perfect plugin for d├ętails of server minecraft :D
    Thanks you man !
    Good bye
  8. Nick Walker
    Nick Walker
    Version: 1.11.3
    Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking! I needed to check out what my host was doing to my RAM on my server lol
  9. FHR
    Version: 1.10.1
    This is an excellent plugin. Additionally, developer is active and fixes bugs very quickly. Thank you.
  10. kaasblokje150
    Version: 1.10
    The plugin itself is really useful and its a good way to monitor your servers performance, however in my case the plugin crashed most of my plugins and massively spammed my consol, what meant that I had to uninstall it.
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      How should the server be crashed? It doesn't modify the server handling much, but I actually need the log and the crash report. I never got noticed for a bug, so I need this data in order to fix it.

      In the last update I added two configuration options to disable the spam.