LampControl 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Official LampControl plugin on Spigot

  1. Complete rewrite, again?

    This is beta build! Beware of bugs in there :p

    * 1.15 to 1.13 100% compatibility
    * 1.12 - 1.8 probably too? Not tested yet!

    Compatibility only for latest WorldEdit, so only 1.15 or 1.14
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  2. 1.14 update

    Updated to 1.14, make sure to use right JAR file.
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  3. General fixes

    Fixed errors and so. Updated /lampreload command, now works as it should - reloads config. So no need to restart server for language change or anything config related.
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  4. Fixed SoundPlayer causing NullPointerException

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  5. Wrong version was uploaded, merry christmas

    Well, what to say
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  6. Big fixes!

    • Complete rewrite of right-click function
    • Fixed redstone problems
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  7. Hotfix - Right click problems

    This update fixes right click problems (furnaces, etc.)

    Please make sure to report any bugs and so on github!
  8. 3.1 - big update

    Hello guys! Long time, I know! Here is first working version for 1.13 and up.

    Completly rewrited:
    • WorldEdit integration
    • Localizations and config
    • Redstone control
    Lets say this plugin is like brand new. Please let me know if you find any bugs!
  9. Performance update

    I'm now official developer of LampControl plugin, yaay!
    This update gives to you new, awesome performance! Everything is more faster so no serve lags anymore :p
  10. Faster lamp and better code

    Performance update - /lamp command is 10x faster!