LandClaim 2.0.2

A WorldGuard Claiming Tool. Buy Regions and Plots For Money!

  1. VitaMC
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    LandClaim is a land protection tool that allows players to claim regions and plots using money.


    • Easily claim regions and plots
    • Manage your claim from a GUI (set flags, manage members, set teleport etc.)
    • Vote for regions you like (GUI shows top-ranked regions)
    • See nearby regions with /lc nearby to make claiming near other players easier.
    • View your claim limits and retrieve claim wand inside GUI
    • Admins can inspect and edit players regions

    Claims are made using the standard WorldEdit cuboid selection (//wand or //pos1, //pos2).
    After you have a selection do:
    /lc claim [regionName]
    /lc claimplot [plotName]

    Only plots take the height of your selection into account.
    Plots must be inside an existing region that you own.

    Two types of claims can be made: Regions or Plots
    Regions are large claims that extend from bedrock to sky.
    Plots are smaller claims, the height of which is determined by the player's WorldEdit selection. Plots are perfect for rentals and small areas requiring a WorldGuard flag. Plots must be completely inside a region owned by the player.


    /lc claim [RegionName]
    /lc claimplot [PlotName]
    /lc delete [region],[world]
    /lc gui (or simply /lc)
    /lc inpect
    /lc list
    /lc nearby
    /lc recountvotes
    /lc reload
    /lc teleport
    /lc vote
    /lc world


    Players must have the worldedit permissions worldedit.wand and worldedit.selection.pos for the plugin to function correctly.

    Additionally you will need to give the following permissions to set claim limits and which worlds a player can claim in.

    landclaim.regions.# - Required. Replace # with number of regions you want player to be able to claim

    landclaim.plots.# - Required. Replace # with number of plots you want player to be able to claim[worldName] - Required. Replace [worldName] with the world you want players to be able to claim in.

    By default players have these permissions:
    description: Gives the standard players permissions
    default: true
    landclaim.gui: true
    landclaim.nearby: true
    landclaim.claimregion: true
    landclaim.claimplot: true
    landclaim.list: true
    landclaim.getworld: true
    landclaim.inspect.own: true
    landclaim.delete.own: true true
    landclaim.addplayer: true
    landclaim.removeplayer: true
    landclaim.flageditor: true
    landclaim.teleport: true
    landclaim.flag.basic: true

    description: Give access to basic claim flags
    default: true
    children: true
    landclaim.flag.interact: true
    landclaim.flag.chest-access: true
    landclaim.flag.pvp: true

    Extra flags can be given with the following permissions:

    landclaim.flag.all: (give this permission to give all flags to players)
    description: Give access to all claim flags
    default: false
    children: true
    landclaim.flag.interact: true
    landclaim.flag.block-break: true
    landclaim.flag.block-place: true
    landclaim.flag.use: true
    landclaim.flag.damage-animals: true
    landclaim.flag.chest-access: true
    landclaim.flag.ride: true
    landclaim.flag.pvp: true
    landclaim.flag.sleep: true
    landclaim.flag.respawn-anchors: true
    landclaim.flag.tnt: true
    landclaim.flag.vehicle-place: true
    landclaim.flag.vehicle-destroy: true
    landclaim.flag.lighter: true
    landclaim.flag.block-trampling: true
    landclaim.flag.entry: true
    landclaim.flag.entry-deny-message: true
    landclaim.flag.greeting: true
    landclaim.flag.greeting-title: true
    landclaim.flag.farewell: true
    landclaim.flag.farewell-title: true
    landclaim.flag.enderpearl: true
    landclaim.flag.chorus-fruit-teleport: true
    landclaim.flag.item-pickup: true
    landclaim.flag.item-drop: true
    landclaim.flag.deny-message: true

    Admin permissions:
    landclaim.admin: (give this permission to give all the following permissions)
    description: Give admin commands and abilities
    default: op
    landclaim.player: true
    landclaim.recountvotes: true
    landclaim.flag.all: true
    landclaim.edit.others: true
    landclaim.delete.others: true
    landclaim.inspect.others: true
    landclaim.reload: true
    landclaim.bypass: true


    This plugin requires Vault, WorldGuard 7 and WorldEdit 7.

    I made this tool for use on my own server and will continue to update it. If you also find a use for it please leave a review :p
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Recent Reviews

  1. LukisBled
    Version: 2.0.2
    U can claim another claim on the claimed area and u can't delete claims(error)..
  2. Rban
    Version: 2.0.2
    Great Plugin To Use I suggest anyone reading this to use it [also you should have more reviews dude]
    1. VitaMC
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  3. funkyjamma
    Version: 1.0.2
    Seems pretty good I cant get the //wand to work though only //pos1 //pos2. Also how do you add people to your claim? and how do I delete a claim.
    1. VitaMC
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :) I'd be glad to help you troubleshoot your wand issue. As for adding people and deleting claims, this functionality is built into worldguard, but I will add better ways to do this to an upcoming release.