LandsDiscordBot - Discord Bot for Lands 1.0.6

Add Discord Functionality to Lands

  1. Angeschossen
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    This plugin adds Discord functionality to the plugin Lands.
    It will allow land owners to create a channel for their land so they can chat from Discord with their land members online at the minecraft server. Also you can view top lands in Discord, receive land and war notifications and more to come.

    The plugins Lands and DiscordSRV (optionally to use all features) needs to be installed and setup.

    Required plugin:


    Code (YAML):

    # Bot configuration
     # Enter your bot token here.
      # How to setup a Discord bot:
    : 'kswndewdoe2idn23r2308rh2rjenqbwd0932r'
    Permission Setup
    The bot requires:
    • Permission to create channels
    • Permission to send messages or delete them
    • Permission to add reactions
    • For the land chat category it requires all permissions to work properly
    Land chat channel creation:
    Make sure everything is setup.
    • Your players can execute !Lands channel create <land> to create a chat channel for their land. The chat will be synched to ingame minecraft too. The command needs to be executed in your Discord server.


    Developer API:
    With the LandsDiscordBotAPI you can set your own linkmanager to integration your own Discord link system. This can be done by accessing the LandsDiscordBotAPI class and using the setLinkManager method.
    You can create your own linkmanager by implementing the LinkManager interface.​




    • Lands ( or higher) and DiscordSRV needs to be installed and setup
    • Java 8 or higher is required
    • About to post a review? If you have issues please do NOT post them as a review. If you have any sort of issues, questions or suggestions feel free to PM me. I will answer soon as possible. Also Discord is a very fast way to get in contact. Bugs are mostly fixed on the same day of report, so report before anything else.
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Recent Reviews

  1. TristanSpikeMc
    Plugin is good to use because you can easily track progress through discord. !lands top for example. Also the author is really helpfull, patience & polite.
  2. acrospate
    Very good plugin, simple to configure provided you read the tutorial correctly;) I recommend the Lands plugin which goes with of course.
  3. dwa1275
    Better now after instructions update, dont use dev command though !Lands <does not work as a command, !lands <does
    1. Angeschossen
      Author's Response
      We've just fixed that. :)