Language Fix 1.1.5

Fix RTL issues in Minecraft!

  1. General improvements

    - Fixed a bug causing duplicate classes with my plugins
    - Reorganized dependencies & pom.xml in general
  2. Anvil Rename & Book update

    • LanguageFix now supports item renames via anvils
    • LanguageFix now supports Book & Quill writing
  3. Update Notifier

    • Added an Update Notifier
    * If you don't see an option to turn off the Update Notifier in the config please delete the config and reload the server :)
  4. Added support to Bedrock Edition (Through Geyser & Floodgate)

    • Added support to Bedrock Edition players through Geyser and Floodgate.

    As for now, since I can't check it myself, the plugin simply doesn't fix RTL languages for Bedrock players.
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  5. Sign Fix

    • Fixed a bug with signs not having RTL fixes.
  6. The Bungeecord Update

    • Added support to Bungeecord for 1.16+.
    * In order for LanguageFix to work properly, you need to include LanguageFix.jar in both your Spigot/Paper and Bungeecord servers.

    • Added PluginMessaging to handle communication between Bungeecord and Spigot, making it so Bungeecord knows the version of every server, therefore, knows if it's necessary to fix a message

    • Optimized some code
  7. bStats for Bungeecord

    Added bStats for bungeecord
  8. Bungeecord Optimization

    • Fixed a bug causing Bungeecord to handle commands as chat and therefore disables commands
  9. Duplicate Arguments

    • Fixed a bug causing arguments to duplicate
  10. Commands Argument Order

    • Fixed a bug causing commands to swap arguments and executing a weird command.
    (Example -> /msg LielAmar שלום would turn to /שלום msg LielAmar)