LanguagesAPI 1.3

Multilanguage support and default language on the server

  1. Jeroeno_Boy
    Version: 1.3
    i realy dont want this to seem hatefull, but an api has like, functions you can use in skript, i dont realy see any kind of api in this
    1. Kranex95
      Author's Response
      What I want with LanguagesAPI is to support the languages available throughout the server and available in my other skripts, since by default it has English as its main language, but it is still possible to change this for another and at the same time, that each player can choose An available language.

      Right now, my other skripts (OPList and MOTD +) support this and have languages enabled for each player, so each player gets the message in their language.

      In the future I will get more skripts with this option and, if possible, LanguagesAPI will have a menu for the available languages, in addition to a tutorial to integrate LanguagesAPI into each one's own skript.

      I invite you to try it thoroughly along with another skript of mine and that you really think you think.