Lanterns 1.0

Lightweight plugin to create transparent lanterns!

  1. Perotin
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    What is lanterns?
    Lanterns is a lightweight plugin that allows you to create lanterns using the LightAPI. This plugin was originally created for a minecraft horror server that I worked for in late 2016 and a bit of 2017. However, the server owner went MIA and it never released (it is a mystery to this day what happened to him, some have speculated that something tragic happened).

    This plugin is pretty simple but can be useful in many ways, for starters it has "lantern flags" like placeable, breakable, and droppable. Also, every message is configurable and so is the items used as lanterns

    Full list of features
    • Messages are configurable, so are items
    • Item flags, (placeable, breakable, and droppable)
    • Very lightweight
    • Active support


    There is one command for Lanterns
    * /lantern
    - Permission:
    • lanterns.other
    • lanterns.self
    Running this command will give a lantern to the target player, /lantern <target> or just /lantern will give you a lantern.


    Lanterns has one dependency and that is LightAPI. This is used to create natural, transparent lighting. Another note is that Lanterns is best used with Optifine. An addon that reduces lag and will display this plugin the best. I highly recommend using Optifine.


    As I mentioned earlier, this plugin was made (by me ofcourse) for a horror server. The trailer for said server displays this plugin nicely, credits go to @nashoxx who was the owner and created this server. If you're still around please contact me.

    (Lanterns are shown about 20 seconds in)


    The configuration is pretty basic and easy to comprehend, here is the layout.

    Code (Text):
    # Laterns v1.0

    # Hello and welcome to the configuration file for Lanterns!

    # item to use when the lantern is off
    off-lantern: "RECORD_11"

    # item to use when the lantern is on
    on-lantern: "END_ROD"

    # doesn't allow player to drop a lanterns
    undroppable: false

    # doesn't allow player to place a lantern
    unplaceable: true

    # doesn't allow player to break a lantern
    unbreakable: true

    no-permission: "&8[&eLanterns&8] &cNo permission to do '/lantern'!"
    could-not-find: "&8[&eLanterns&8] &cCould not find $player$!"

    lantern-name: "Lantern"
    got-lantern: "&8[&eLanterns&8] &7You have received a lantern!"