LapisPortals [Spigot 1.8] 1.3

Create and connect portals with Lapis Lazuli :D

  1. KohakuSaintCrown
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    - Create a lapis portal
    - Use all doors, include Iron Door
    - Iron Door have open/close sound
    - Sound when Create/Destroy/Error portal

    - Particles when Create/Destroy Portal

    - Reload Config Coomand
    - Change portal block in config
    - Set delay in seconds in config
    - Set true/false Lightning
    - Use economy permissions true/false
    - Set Price to teleport

    - Multiverse support

    How to use:

    - Find some Lapis Lazuli
    - Create LapisBlocks
    - Build this:
    - Place your favorite door
    - Enter and close the door :)

    The Mechanism:

    The chest works like a portal conector, place any item in same position and amount in the portals, place the door, open the door, enter in the portal, close the door and be teleported:)

    Doors availables:


    Video Showcase:

    • LapisPortals.create
    • LapisPortals.teleport
    • LapisPortals.teleport.lightning
    • LapisPortals.teleport.nosick
    • LapisPortals.teleport.nodelay
    • LapisPortals.Reload


    - Vault
    - MultiverseCore

    Server Test:



    1. 2015-08-28_13.01.49.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Naotari
    Version: 1.3
    Muy buen plugin, sencillo y creativo, aunque me gustara que lo actualizaran si funcion con 1.18.2