LatestCrates V1.0

GUI Crate Plugin With Cool Animations

  1. Latestion
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
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    LatestCrates is a free to use Crates plugin, featuring features many cool and unique features like using of Custom Items, Additional GUIS for better administration. Drag and drop the plugin, create a crate, and you are done!


    • Plugin Only Works With 1.16.5


    The plugin heavily depends upon two plugins:
    The plugin will not load until this plugins are installed!
    There are 3 main commands to the plugin:

    1. /crate
      • create {cratename}
        • Starts creating a new crate with specified name.
        • Permission: crate.create or crate.all
      • set {cratename}(while looking at a shulker box)
        • Sets the shulker box your looking at as a crate.
        • Permission: crate.set or crate.all
      • setprice {cratename} {price}
        • Sets the crate price. (Uses Essentaisl Economy!)
        • Permission: crate.setprice or crate.all
      • give {playername} {cratename} {amount}
        • Gives player specified number of keys of specified crate.
        • Permission: crate.give or crate.all
      • refill {cratename}
        • Opens a GUI which helps in refilling crate items.
        • Permission: crate.refill or crate.all
      • remove {cratename}
        • Removes the specified crate.
        • Permission: crate.remove or crate.all
    2. /crateloot
      • Opens a GUI with all crate loot.
      • Permission: none
    3. /cratesgui
      • Opens a GUI with features to handle all crates and even rename them.
      • Permission: crate.gui or crate.all


    Steps that are not required but recommended are marked by the use of "(Optional)" markings at the start of the steps.
    • Download the plugin and put the plugin in your plugins server folder and make sure that your server is Spigot 1.16.5 and have any permission plugin (Example LuckPerms (OPTIONAL)) installed.
    • Make Sure You Have HoloGraphics Display and Essentials Economy plugins.
    • Restart the server.
    • And done :)

    suggestions or bugs.png

    If you think that something essential is missing or that something could improve the plugin please send me a message on here or on my discord and I will surely try to add the feature.

    If you have any questions you can add me on discord
    Mc-UserName: Latestion
    Discord Server:

    REMEMBER: The plugin may receive updates anytime. Make sure you are up to date with it!
    Thanks a lot if you read this.
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    Version: V1.0
    One of the best plugins, the gui just made me wow, animations are so smooth, if you have a server and want prizes for players without a lot of effort, try this, great dev