LatinCore (LobbySystem) ✔ 1.7 - 1.12✔ Full Config✔ ✔2.3✔

Ideal Plugin To deactivate your Server's chat, and protect it from griffin

  1. ✔New Update✔ v2.3

    Several errors were corrected in Console, likewise New Commands and a better Configuration File were added
  2. ✔New Update✔ v2.2

    Solution of Bugs
    Many Fixed Errors
    Plugin Optimization
    CustomJoins Fixed
  3. ✔New Update✔ v2.1 - Error correction

    - the Scoreboard was temporarily removed
    - Fixed errors that caused when the spawn was not set
    - You can now add your own Strings, in TabPrefix and CustomJoins
    - new Join Fly (Permission personalisable)
  4. ✔New Update✔ v2.0

    Optimization of the plugin Improving the TPS of your server
    Redesigning the PrefixTab 50%
    Ideas or suggestions leave them in the discussion area
  5. ✔New Update✔ v1.9.1

    A Few Fixed Bugs and Plugin Optimization
  6. ✔New Update✔ v1.9

    After weeks without updating this resource, I decided to implement new things.

    - New Editable Scoreboard, Supports PlaceHolderAPI
    - New Command / buildadd and / buildremove (commands only by Console)

    Thank you for your patience
  7. ✔New Update✔ v1.8

    From now on the plugin happens to make an Official Version!

    In this update many aspects were improved, besides that I am working on a great update!
    * New Clear Chat Command
    * Fixed some Bugs of the Tablist
    * The Plugin was optimized in addition to making it lighter
    * 50% complete for Connecting between Servers
    * 25% complete Player Options
  8. ✔New Update✔ v1.7.1

    A missing String was added to the Plugin
  9. ✔New Update✔ v1.7 BETA✔

    In this update of the plugin Many things were added and removed, improving the plugin every day more.

    ✔ New command (/ chat on / off)
    ✔ Unnecessary CustomJoins were removed
    ✔ Necessary TabPrefix removed
    ✔ The Tablist was optimized by adding new variables
    ✔ CustomJoin Permissions Adjusted, now the higher range will require OP to work

    Thank you for your patience, remember to rate the plugin and report the bugs in the discussion part
  10. ✔New Update✔ v1.6

    In this Update I fix General Errors, and optimize the plugin.

    Fixed Errors
    Fixed Bugs
    Plugin optimization