LatinCore (LobbySystem) ✔1.7 - 1.12✔Full Config✔Anti-flicker scoreboard included ✔2.9✔

Ideal Plugin To deactivate your Server's chat, and protect it from griffin, Anti-flicker scoreboard

  1. ✔New Update✔ v2.9

    In this Update, To customize messages are added.
    New command /fly
    New command /vanish (In test, any bug, report it in the discussion area
    Fixed and Completely optimized the commands.
    Fixed some Timings problems in ticks
    A new CustomJoin is being developed, which will be able to add unlimited CustomJoins with configurable permissions
  2. ✔New Update✔ v2.8 New Support for MVdWPlaceholderAPI

    The /spawn and /setspawn commands were fixed
    Added a new configuration file for spawn (Spawn.yml)
    Configurable messages when entering spawn, and when setting
    New Support for MVdWPlaceholderAPI (Scoreboard only)
  3. ✔New Update✔ v2.7.1 Error Fix

    The operation of the /setspawn and /spawn command was fixed, and an Unnecessary Item was removed
  4. ✔New Update✔ v2.7

    A New Scoreboard System, Anti-Flicker is Implemented
    Unusable Classes were deleted
    Some tasks were optimized
    PSDT: Thanks to @CleusGamer201 for helping me in some things
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  5. ✔New Update✔ v2.6

    In this Update, the Scoreboard and Tablist Update is fixed. The ChestCommands Dependency was also removed, now you can Use the CustomJoins to Execute Commands. To Open Menus you can use UltraMenu or DeluxeMenu and Put the Command where it indicates in the LatinCore config to work.
  6. ✔New Update✔ v2.5

    Optimization of the Scoreboard.
    Vault Support and Permissions plugin
    Code Reduction
    PlaceHolderAPI Support
  7. ✔New Update✔ v2.4.1 Fixed

    PlaceHolderAPI Fixed
  8. ✔New Update✔ v2.4

    It is retaken Again add a Better Scoreboard, (Supports PlaceHolderAPI).
    Bug fixed with the command /gamemode and /gm
    Added a VoidSpawn with the New Commands of /voidspawn set and /voidspawn tp
  9. ✔New Update✔ v2.3

    Several errors were corrected in Console, likewise New Commands and a better Configuration File were added
  10. ✔New Update✔ v2.2

    Solution of Bugs
    Many Fixed Errors
    Plugin Optimization
    CustomJoins Fixed