Launch v1.1

A funny plugin to launch players up in the sky

  1. vosjasper
    A simple and funny plugin where you can shoot people up in the sky with a specific item (You can edit the item in the config file). The standard item for the plugin is a potato.
    Have fun!

    How to use:
    1.Put the Launch.jar in the plugin folder
    2.Run the server
    3.There will be a Launch folder generated in the plugins folder, with a config.yml file in the Launch folder
    4. in the config file is already a item declared (Potato)
    5. Open the config.yml with notepad/wordpad to change the ID to the ID you like, Note: the item ID has to be a number, for example: 1, and not: Minecraft:Stone
    6. when you have adjusted the config.yml save it and reload the server
    7. Enjoy!

    I am working on some things to add, so feel free to suggest something.


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