LaunchMe 1.2.1

Ride atop of projectiles you shoot or throw!

    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Hurtle yourself at your enemies! Ride your ender pearls instead of teleporting! Have a snowball fight with your body!

    LaunchMe is a spiritual recreation and improvement of one of my first programming projects I ever made, BowLaunch for Bukkit.

    This plugin allows you to ride any thrown/shot projectile (including bow arrows) as they fly through the air. Players (and mobs) are automatically dismounted from riding when the projectile collides with something.

    LaunchMe was built targeting Paper, but should work on any Spigot or Bukkit server as well. Other server software may work, but I will only provide updates based on Spigot/Paper.

    1. Download the latest version of the plugin
    2. Locate your server's plugins folder
    3. Put LaunchMe-x.x.x.jar in your plugins folder
    4. Reload or restart your server
    5. Load into your server, type /launchme or /lm to toggle launching on
    6. Ride on top of some arrows!
    7. (optional) edit the default config.yml to fit your needs

    All permissions are automatically granted to ops
    launchme.* - gain all permissions
    launchme.launch - the player can launch themselves on projectiles
    launchme.toggle - the player can toggle launching on/off for themselves
    launchme.nocooldown - the player will have no cooldown between launches

    config.yml changed with v1.2.0
    Code (YAML):

    # -----------------------------------------
    # | LaunchMe                              |
    # | by ASTRELION                          |
    # | |
    # -----------------------------------------

    ### GENERAL ###

    # Enable/disable this plugin entirely
    : true

    # Should other mobs like skeletons ride projectiles they fire?
    # Set to true if you want skeletons to ride their arrows, witches to ride their potions,
    # drowned to ride their tridents, snow golems to ride their snowballs, etc.
    # DEFAULT: false
    : false

    # Should a ride-able projectile replace the player's current vehicle?
    # Set to true if you want to be able to launch yourself while already being launched,
    # or if you want players to be able to launch themselves while in boats or minecarts
    # DEFAULT: true
    : true

    # Cooldown time required between launches in seconds
    # DEFAULT: 5
    : 5

    ### MESSAGING ###

    # Enable/disable prompt to the player when launching a projectile and not having
    # launches enabled for themselves with /launchme
    # DEFAULT: true
    : true

    # Enable/disable prompt to the player when launching is on cooldown and they attempt
    # to fire a projectile when launching is on cooldown
    # DEFAULT: true
    : true

    # Enable/disable prompt to alert the player when their launch cooldown is over
    # DEFAULT: true
    : true

    # Enable/disable to alert the player they are riding a projectile
    # DEFAULT: true
    : true

    ### PROJECTILES ###

    # Remove or comment (#) out any of the following if you don't want players to be
    # able to be launched when they are fired
    # Disabling projectiles here also disables them for players AND mobs (if enabled)
     - ARROW
      - EGG
      - FIREWORK
      - SNOWBALL
      - TRIDENT

    If you have any issues with the plugin please open an issue or leave a comment below.

    If you want to support my work, you can donate here. <3



Recent Reviews

  1. Emortal
    Version: 1.1.0
    Great plugin. A very tiny change you can make: instead of putting ticks in the config and having to explain what ticks are, just put seconds and convert it to ticks in the code :)
      Author's Response
      Originally I thought more granularity would be useful but now that I think about it there's no real point to have fractions of a second for a cooldown. I'll change it in the next version!