LaunchPads 1.0.3

Adds configurable launch pads.

  1. AZZA470
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
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    Easy Launch Pads for your Minecraft server: set up and configure with a pressure plate and a sign!


    • Create launch pads easily with a pressure plate and a sign
    • Configure the velocity on each axis with the sign
    • Toggle and change sound when player gets launched

    Permission for all commands: launchpads.command

    /launchpad reload : Reloads the config
    /launchpad sound <sound> [<volume=1.0> <pitch=1.0>] : Change the sound
    /launchpad togglesound : Toggles the sound on/off

    For sound, use the Bukkit Sound enum:

    To create a launchpad, you place a sign under a block with a pressure plate. On the sign you write the velocity values you want to apply on each axis. The values can be positive or negative values, one decimal place (e.g. 1.5) or integers (e.g. 2). If the value is 0, no force is applied in that axis.

    Here's what a sign should look like:

    1st line: [launch]
    2nd line: x-coordinate velocity
    3rd line: y-coordinate velocity
    4th line: z-coordinate velocity



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