Lava Annihilator 2021-07-19

This helps players turn of lava damage if the lava is placed by another player.

  1. yashc2025
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    • 1.17
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    The problem my plugin is trying to solve:
    In servers where PVP is off ppl use lava as their weapon and burn people to DEATH!

    How it works:
    With my plugin players can type /lavadamage off to turn off damage from lava which is placed by players in a radius of 4*4.
    But if he falls into a lava pool then he will take damage.

    Lava does not do damage - /lavadamage off
    Lava does damage - /lavadamage on
    Help - /lavadamage help

    For example:
    Bob has turned damage by lava off.
    Now, if John tries to place lava in a radius of 4 blocks of Bob, he won't be able to place lava.

    You can message me your problem on:
    Discord - Terminator#1343
    E-mail - [email protected]

    (I am in the spigot discord server)

    If you want this plugin customized, you can reach out to me on my discord or e-mail.
    Customized as in -
    1) You can change the command.
    2) You can change the radius of protection.
    3) I can change the message which is sent when a player tries to kill someone with lava.
    4) And anything else which you want me to add.

    Thank You!