LavaSponge v0.0.8

Sponges work on lava

  1. 1.17

    I have now added support for 1.17 to the plugin!
    If you have any bugs or feature requests please feel free to dm me!

    thanks, have a good week everyone.
  2. Bug fix and little code cleanup :)

    Addressed an bug with the new LavaSpongeAbsorbEvent being called even if no lava was absorbed ( oops )
    aswell as a similar bug causing the sponge to allways be updated even if no lava was absorbed!

    And i decided to clean up the code... yet again :)
  3. LavaSpongeAbsorbEvent + new plugin homepage

    The plugin homepage has been updated with a temporary banner and has also been cleanup,

    This update also adds in the LavaSpongeAbsorbEvent allowing other developers to listen, cancel and change what happens when a sponge absorbs lava.

    Currently you can only change the blocks affected however I will be adding the ability to change what happens to the sponge in a later update.
  4. The world update!

    I've added the ability to whitelist worlds, this is disabled by default.

    Config example:
    enable-worlds: false
    - world

    by setting enable-worlds to true, it will turn on the world whitelist
    only worlds in the worlds list will allow lava to be sponged!

    If you have any additions or bugs please leave a message in the discussion tab... discord coming soon :)
  5. Just bStats

    bStats integration has been added :)
    This is an optional update for those who want to download it, though it will be included in future updates anyways but if re-starting your server is a pain, you can skip out on this version :)

    To look at the plugins stats, you can see it here:
  6. Wet & Dry + make wet if dry & make dry if wet

    Config version has been updated to 0.0.3 with this it adds:
    an option to toggle both sponge types,
    on option to toggle:
    making the sponge wet if its dry,
    making the sponge dry if its wet
    and making the sponge disapear
  7. Config versioning + wet sponge required config option

    I've just added in config versioning as I'll regularly be adding changes and additions to the config so to keep track of it and to make sure nothing breaks when the version changes it'll automatically update your config to the latest version.
    Currently this wipes your config but in the future I'll possibly make it an updater rather than a reset :)

    I've also added the config option:
    wetSpongeRequired which when set to true will only remove lava when a wet sponge is used and a normal sponge...