LavaWalk 1.0.1

Walk over lava like a god!

  1. Zandor300
    Plugin idea by Vattumannen from the Bukkit forums.

    This plugins allows you to walk over lava. When you walk over lava the lava underneath you turns into obsidian. After 2 secs later it turns back into lava.

    This plugin is licenced under Apache License Version 2.0.

    /lavawalk - Plugin info/help
    /lavawalk toggle - Toggle own LavaWalk
    /lavawalk toggle [player] - Toggle [player]'s LavaWalk

    [​IMG] - Be able to use /lavawalk
    lavawalk.toggle - Be able to use /lavawalk toggle
    lavawalk.toggle.others - Be able to use /lavawalk toggle [player]
    lavawalk.use - Be able to use /lavawalk
    lavawalk.defaulton - Lavawalk is on by default.

    Just drop the jar file in your plugins folder, reload the server and the plugin should work then!

    This plugin is using metrics for getting the usage of the plugin. You can disable this function by going to /plugins/pluginmetrics/config.yml and setting "opt-out" to true. It is much appreaciated to leave it set to false.


Recent Updates

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