Leave Command 1.2

Simple /leave command, great for minigames!

  1. Added stuff.

    + Added /leave remove
    * Completely redone the leave create command
    * Completely overhauled the plugin
    + Added more options to the config(More info below).
    + Added permission leave.remove

    Please note: the leave remove command and all its related features are experimental. If it bugs for whatever reason do leave me a pm and we will sort it out together!

    Now. For the config i decided that YOU the downloader/server owner that uses this plugin can have your own choice what the message is when you create a command. OR if someone has no permission for said command.

    Because even though there is nothing "public" about the msg except to those with permission we all like something that seems our own dont we?

    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&3[&9Leave&3]'
      console: 'All commands are ingame only'
      nopermission: '&4You are lacking permission: {0}'
      notingame: '&4You are not in any minigame!'
    #The follow return "created" can have additional info.
    #{0} = command
    #{1} = string
    #For example /leave create pk leave
    #Adding {0} and {1} can result in the following.
    #Example of created: '&3Succesfully created &9{0} command with string &{1}'
    #Returns: Succesfully created pk command with string leave
      created: '&3Succesfully created a leave command!'
      removeerror: '&3Correct syntax: &9/leave delete <world>'
      noworld: '&4World &9{0} &4does not exist!'
      removed: '&3Succesfully removed world &9{0}&3.'

    Now don't be alarmed and go raging thinking that all those leave commands you created before are now going to waste. Hell no.

    I did however make small changes to them.

    Before Settings: was the databank for all your worlds and their respective command.
    As you can see the Settings has been replaced with returns for when you do commands etc.

    To keep all your commands intact do the following(Yes its really easy do not worry!!!!)

    Example:(Old Config)

    world: AWorldIMade
    commands: "/pk leave"

    New Config(What you "REPLACE")

    world: AWorldIMade
    commands: "/pk leave"

    See? Only replace settings with Worlds and you are done :)

    Do make sure to make a backup of your current config because if you make a mistake your server may do stuff you dont want it to do such as removing or even resetting files.
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