Leave Command 1.2

Simple /leave command, great for minigames!

  1. SoF Update

    Just a Sign of life update for the plugin.

    Nothing has been added and should still work on all big spigot versions.
    Cant guarantee any other non bukkit/spigot servers such as sponge.(I never used that)
  2. Added stuff.

    + Added /leave remove
    * Completely redone the leave create command
    * Completely overhauled the plugin
    + Added more options to the config(More info below).
    + Added permission leave.remove

    Please note: the leave remove command and all its related features are experimental. If it bugs for whatever reason do leave me a pm and we will sort it out together!

    Now. For the config i decided that YOU the downloader/server owner that uses this plugin can have your own choice what the message is when...
  3. added additional options

    This update allows you to do /leave create (command) (argument)

    Example: /leave create pb leave

    This within the file will create a /pb leave command which is ran when someone does /leave

    But instead of doing it manually and restarting, the plugin adds these for you :) If you so choose.
  4. took out a security msg

    Sorry fokes, while testing to make sure the correct cmd was performed/read i used a system check which i forgot to take out :)