Lectern Portals 2019-06-03

Travel all around the world and even to other dimensions.

  1. Handyfon
    Version: 2019-06-03
    Awesome Plugin and a great addition to Survival servers, my players love it. Thanks Eliminator :)
  2. Stegoleopluradon
    Version: 2019-06-03
    Its quick and easy. Its a great way to let players create their owner portals! It's everything I've been hoping to find.
  3. MLT213
    Version: 2019-06-03
    It worked great initially; we were even able to change the cost of the portals for a while. After a server reboot, though, Lectern Portals completely stopped working. I have even re-downloaded the .jar and used the initial 1 book cost setting, but it doesn't work.
    1. Eliminator
      Author's Response
      Errors in the console?