LEDArrayLite v1.1

Play your favorite gifs in Minecraft - for free!

  1. Kloudy
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    REQUIRES 1.8

    Please consider purchasing the premium version of the plugin LEDArray here.

    -Limited to 1 LEDArray
    -No animation hats
    -No .jpg or .png support

    LEDArray Premium:
    -Create as many LEDArrays as your heart desires! (configurable)
    -Animation Hats!
    -Both .jpg and .png support for still images
    -Quick update support (new features added all the time)

    **The displays will only show up in areas where Armor Stands can spawn.**

    Has no dependencies on other plugins!

    Very large gifs can lag your fps down quite a bit! It is HIGHLY recommended that your gifs are no larger than 120x120 for most computers. You can enter in width and height pixel values when processing your gifs. Please see the commands list below.

    Please pm me if you have any feature requests for future updates or find any bugs in the plugin!

    Note: You must use the direct link to your gifs, otherwise the plugin won't be able to find the image. Use sites like bitly.com to shorten the url of the gif if it's too long to fit inside the chat text field.

    led.*: Allows a player to use all led commands and features. Also grants access to admin only commands like removeall, memclean, and kill.
    led.array: Allows a player to create, remove, and start images on an led array
    led.process: Allows a player to process new images
    led.imageremove: Allows a player to remove an image

    /led - Credits, Author, Version
    /led create - creates a new array above the player's head
    /led process <image_name> <image_url> [width] [height]- Processes a new image with optional [width] and [height] parameters
    /led start <image_name> ... <image_name> <array_name> - Starts the image sequence animation on the specified LED array
    /led stop <array_name> - Stops animation on the specified LED array
    /led list - Lists all of the created LED arrays
    /led imagelist [page] - Lists all of the processed image names
    /led remove array <array_name> - Deletes the specified LED array
    /led remove image <image_name> - Deletes a previously processed image
    /led load <image_name> - Loads a previously processed image into memory (used when you want quicker start times for your gifs)
    /led mem - Lists all the images currently loaded in memory and the memory usage in MB
    /led memclean [image_name] - deletes all images from memory if no image is specified (Note: this does not delete the images from the hard-disk!)
    /led hide <array_name> - Hides specified array
    /led show <array_name> - Shows specified array
    /led kill - kills all ArmorStand entities in the chunk you are standing in
    /led running - lists all of the LED arrays that are currently playing a gif
    /led tp <array_name> - teleports the player to the specified LED array
    /led help - Lists all of the commands for the LEDArray plugin

    Config Default Values: (Located in plugins/LEDArray):
    display-max-width: 120 - Maximum width a display can have
    display-max-height: 120 - Maximum height a display can have (capped at 150 due to performance issues)
    login-message: true

    Known Issues:
    -Some gifs are not able to be processed by the plugin. This is often due to a non-direct url to the gif or the connection being refused. To be sure you're using the direct link to the gif, upload the image to a site like imgur then copy the direct link from there. Sometimes resizing the gif on ezgif.com can also help.
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