<Legacy> ♦♢ GemCrush ♢♦ [for GameBox v2] 3.0.0

Inventory game based on Candy Crush

  1. Update for GameBox v2

    This version is compatible with GameBox v2. It does NOT work with GameBox v1.

    • There are some improvements in the default configuration file
    • With GameBox v2 this plugin will generate it's folder inside the "gamebox/games/" folder. The old gemcrush folder in your plugin folder is no longer needed!
  2. Compatibility for 1.8 problems with too long inventory titles

    The game will no longer throw errors on old servers (1.8) which have problems with too long inventory titles.
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  3. Support for GameBox reload command

    GemCrush now supports the GameBox reload command

    /gba reload

    Dependency for GameBox is now version 1.5.0

    • got rid of all deprecated GB methods and enums
  4. Reduced jar size +Spanish language file

    Depends on GameBox 1.3.0 and higher

    • Pushed up GameBox dependency to 1.3.0
      • Jar size reduced by 20%
      • Using more methods and classes from GameBox
      • Moved Utils and Settings
      • Stopped using deprecated GameBox methods/fields
    • Supporting non completely-numeric GameBox versions (found out the hard way that my...
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  5. 'The language and nms' Update

    • Restructured my NMS code. This game is now using the classes from GameBox (should have done that from the beginning). That saves me all the checks, the plugin gets smaller and I don't have to update it when there are new NMS versions coming.
    • Improved the language file support. In previous versions the class did not recognise when there where String lists missing.
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  6. Short and fast update for our chinese friends

    I added a mandarin file to the included language files since @AndyYu is putting my plugins on MCBBS for me. Thanks for that :)

    Apart from that there are some improvements in the info given when version checks for GameBox fail.
  7. More customisation for the game | Reward players with Tokens

    Different rewards for different game modes :cool:

    The old 'onGameEnd' section was responsible for defining the different rewards depending on a players score. That option is now moved to the different games modes. That means you can have two different game modes with completely different rewards for different scores. Maybe even a training game with low cost and no rewards.

    • Appart from money you can reward your players with...
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  8. Full conversion! More customization with help of GameBox

    This plugin now depends on GameBox!

    • GameBox enables you to have different types of GemCrush games accessable for your players. Different number of moves, different rules (bombs yes/no), different costs and rewards. For more info please check the plugin sites of this plugin and GameBox.
    • Start a new game after the old one finished with just two clicks!
    • Moved any...
  9. Some fixes and improvements + configurable volume of the sounds

    • Configurable sound volume (node: game.soundVolume)
    • Changes in the structure of the top list apply now after gc reload
    • Improved the matching algorithm
      • Bombs will not be matched with other bombs anymore
      • Fixed wrong matching of a gem in between two triplets
    • Fixed that sometimes a runnable of a game did not stop after the inventory was closed. This did not cause any problems apart from unnecessary load
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  10. Some small fixes and improvements

    • Fixed that the top 10 command did not update without a reload.
    • Removed a left over debug message from 1.2.0
    • Build in a small converter to take care of the changes in the file structure of stats.yml made in 1.2.0
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