<Legacy> 2048 [for GameBox v2] 2.1.1

Shift tiles, combine them and reach the highest score you can ♔

  1. Version 2.2.1 | some fixes and a new 'undo last move' button

    • Add a 'undo last move' button
      • can be disabled/enabled for the game types in the configuration file
    • Fix top navigation (was broken on 1.13 update)
    • Make display name of surrounding grid items configurable
  2. Minecraft 1.13

    Compatibility with minecraft 1.13

    You might have to get a new configuration file to get rid of warnings in the console! The materials defined in the old config files are not 1.13 compatible.
  3. Update for GameBox v2

    This version is compatible with GameBox v2. It does NOT work with GameBox v1.

    • The game ID has changed! It is now "twoofoureight"
    • There are some improvements in the default configuration file
    • With GameBox v2 this plugin will generate it's folder inside the "gamebox/games/" folder. The old 2048 folder in your plugin folder is no longer needed!
  4. Compatibility for 1.8 problems with too long inventory titles

    The game will no longer throw errors on old servers (1.8) which have problems with too long inventory titles.
  5. Support for GameBox reload command

    2048 now supports the GameBox reload command

    /gba reload

    Dependency for GameBox is now version 1.5.0

    • got rid of all deprecated GB methods and enums
  6. Reduced jar size + Using improved GameBox + Better defaults

    • More code has been moved to GameBox
      • Jar size is down by 25%
      • Now depends on GameBox 1.3.0
    • Improvement in default lang_en.yml
    • Supporting non completely-numeric GameBox versions (found out the hard way that my dependency system didn't do that before)
    • Removed possible problems on first install with a not created language folder
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  7. Minor fix and improvements in the default settings/language

    • The game is now checking for bad materialData of naviagation buttons
      • Previously this could lead to NPEs when initialising a new game
      • The game will now fall back to a default button (Arrow) and print a warning in the console
    • Added a chinese lang file to the default files (Thanks @AndyYu )
    • Improved default language file (lang_en.yml)
    • Improved default config file
      • Increased the default rewards
      • Added some more explanation to...
  8. Recode of core algorithm | Added animation

    • The tiles now don't move instantly, but are moved step by step with a short delay. This creates an animation as smooth as it can get in minecraft with a 4x4 grid (@Classic36 )
    • Added a spanish language file. Thanks to @altrisi
    • Improved sounds
    • Added options 'topNavigation' and 'surroundTheGrid' and changed the default GUI with them. You can opt them out in the new config.
      • 'topNavigation' toggles whether there are navigation...
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  9. Hotfix

    There was a dirty little NPE caused by the new NMS structure. Sorry for missing that, guys. It is fixed now.

    Thanks to @AndyYu for reporting it.
  10. 'The language and nms' Update

    • Restructured my NMS code. This game is now using the classes from GameBox (should have done that from the beginning). That saves me all the checks, the plugin gets smaller and I don't have to update it when there are new NMS versions coming.
    • Improved the language file support. In previous versions the class did not recognise when there where String lists missing.

    This game is still under devellopment. I am adding more options to customize the looks of the GUI. I am also...
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