<Legacy> ConnectFour [for GameBox V1 ONLY] 1.2.1

Connect four while preventing your opponent from doing the same.

  1. Timers per turn to prevent AFK + minimum number of played chips before rewards are payed

    • Every turn now has a countdown (default: 30 seconds). For this I changed the language file. The old message 'game.inventoryTitles.ingame' is no longer used. instead there is 'game.inventoryTitles.ingame1' for the player whose turn it is and 'game.inventoryTitles.ingame2' for the other player.
      • displayed in new default title with the placeholder '%time%'...
  2. Support for GameBox reload command

    ConnectFour now supports the GameBox reload command

    /gba reload

    Dependency for GameBox is now version 1.5.0

    • All chips will start falling from the top row now
    • Improved default lang_en.yml
    • Got rid of all deprecated GB methods and enums
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  3. Reduced jar + Code improvements + Spanish language file

    Depends on GameBox 1.3.0 and higher
    • Improved game algorithm
    • Pushed up GameBox dependency to 1.3.0
      • Jar size reduced by 22%
      • Using more methods and classes from GameBox
      • Moved Utils and Settings
      • Got rid of all deprecated GameBox methods/fields
    • Supporting non numeric GameBox versions (found out the hard way...
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  4. Added sounds!

    • The game now includes sounds like all the others
      • Notice when it's the players turn
      • Sound when a chip is falling
      • Sound when inserting a chip
      • Sounds on win/lose
    • Added chines lang file thanks to @AndyYu
    • Improved default lang_en.yml file
    • Improved default config settings
      • Added two more default chips