<Legacy> Cookie Clicker [for GameBox V1 ONLY] 1.1.1

The super adictive baking game

  1. Compatibility for 1.8 + Updated chinese lang file

    • The icon for alchemy lab was not compatible with 1.8, so I added a second icon for older server versions.
    • The chinese language file now includes all the new upgrades (thanks @AndyYu )
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  2. 8 new buildings with 64 upgrades!

    • New buildings: Temple, Wizard Tower, Shipment, Alchemy Lab, Portal, Time Machine, Antimatter Condenser, Prism
      • Each building has 8 upgrades
    • Added Chinese language file to default (the new buildings/upgrades though are missing atm)
  3. Out of Beta! Full language support for all buildings and upgrades.

    Cookie Clicker is out of Beta

    • The names, styles and lores of all buildings and upgrades can be changed in the language file
      • For now only the english language file includes them. I'll get around translating the german file after my last exam.
      • You are welcome to create your own file and share it with everyone. Best way would be a PR on GitHub.
      • The language files can also be used to create a different...
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  4. A bunch of new Upgrades! (30+)

    Have fun with lots of new Upgrades
    • Every building has 8 upgrades now!
      • The new cursor upgrades are a completely new kind. They add a fixed number of cookies to your clicking AND to the cursors per non-cursor building.
    • There are 10 new clicking upgrades
    • Corrected 'Titanium mouse' cost
    • Corrected Curser => Cursor (thanks for the comments on that :D)
    • Fixed missing CPC update after...
  5. Fixes and top list improvement

    Depends on GameBox 1.5.5!

    Scores are NOT lost, but players have to play once to show up in the top list again.

    • Fix cut-off of top list scores at highest integer
    • Fix wrong cost and requirements for the upgrade "Titanium Mouse"
    • Improved high number formatting and moved the utility class to GameBox
    • Changed save type of top list to the new type "high number score"
      • ...
  6. Cookie can be configured to change position after X clicks + More upgrades

    A big 'fear' of server owners was that players would exploit the game with the help of autoclickers. This can be prevented with the new configuration option.

    • You can define 'moveCookieAfterClicks' for each game button in the configuration file. After the player clicked on the cookie for the configured amount of times, the cookie will change its position to one of the neighbouring slots (there are three different possible positions).
      • To disable this feature remove the...
  7. More upgrades + new upgrade types (tier two curser updates)

    • There are new Grandma and curser updates
    • The higher curser upgrades give bonuses for each non-curser object owned (like in the original game)
    • Fixed an issue where the oven wouldn't update correctly