<Legacy> Logic Puzzles [for GameBox v2] 2.1.0

Sudoku and Three In A Row as inventory games with GameBox

  1. Minecraft 1.13

    Compatibility with minecraft 1.13

    You might have to get a new configuration file to get rid of warnings in the console! The materials defined in the old config files are not 1.13 compatible.
  2. Fix issues with loading puzzles on some operating systems

    Some users had problems with starting games in Sudoku and/or ThreeInARow. This update together with the newest version of GameBox (2.1.4) solves any OS dependent issues.

    GameBox dependency is on 2.1.4 now!

    Yes... I know I skipped one version number. I seem to have forgotten to upload 2.0.1 a while ago :D
  3. Update for GameBox v2 | New game included!

    This version is compatible with GameBox v2. It does NOT work with GameBox v1.

    This plugin now includes two GameBox games. The old Sudoku game and Three In A Row, a Japanese logic game.

    Sudoku changes
    • There are some improvements in the default configuration file
    • With GameBox v2 this plugin will generate it's folder inside the "gamebox/games/" folder. The old sudoku folder in your plugin folder is no longer needed!
  4. Compatibility for 1.8 problems with too long inventory titles

    The game will no longer throw errors on old servers (1.8) which have problems with too long inventory titles.
  5. Support for GameBox reload command

    Sudoku now supports the GameBox reload command

    /gba reload

    Dependency for GameBox is now version 1.5.0
  6. Option for restart button + Restart button name/lore configurable

    The restart button has been improved:
    1. You can now find the display name and the lore of the button in the language file.
    2. There is an option for each gamemode to set 'restartButton' to false to disable the button.
    3. A double click is needed now to restart the game through the restart button. This is to prevent players from accidentally restarting their puzzle.
  7. Shortcut commands

    You can now open the game GUI per shortcut command

    /gb sudoku
    /gb su

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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